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Saturday, January 29, 2011

[News] 110126 Standing As Solo, Park JungMin “Aims To Become A Guy You Would Like To Hug” (Interview)

From 5 to 1. Standing alone on stage, he is ‘Not Alone’ even when he feels stressed, or feels difficult to manage. SS501 Park JungMin is back with his very first single solo album ‘Not Alone’.

Into his 7th year of debut, everything from his first broadcast performance to the showcase, everything he does as a solo artiste was labeled with the word ‘first’. Of course, he is the first among SS501 members to engage fully into album activities. Even though the album was supposed to be released in November last year, it was delayed for 2 months due to YeonPyeong-do incident. Park JungMin was counting down to the day to meet with fans and practiced diligently.

“I wrote the lyrics for all the songs in this album. I wanted to express an honest story through my voice. I usually enjoys writing and drawing. This is only one part of what I couldn’t do during SS501 times, I am thinking of writing lyrics to all the songs that I will release in the future. Initially, I am shy to show to anyone what I have written. Even though I felt the stress, but after writing one or two, I also feel the thrill of it.”

As he said this himself, “I prepared ambitiously”, he devoted himself to vocal training and choreography. His performance on stage gives off a feeling like a manipulating General or a conductor. The actions are also big and impressive. With a straightforward point dance as backdrop, Park JungMin raised his voice and said “It’s tiring isn’t it? Let’s do it together”. This is his leadership which embraces and smooths the hearts of these tired people.

“Difference from group activities? Well as a solo artiste, there is no time to rest. I must do everything on my own. During SS501 days, we are able to steal a nap while the other members were filming. (laughs) Even so, I get all the attention on me.”

From last year till early this year, Park JungMin appears to be skinner each and every time we see him. He lost a total of 12kg. “It would be difficult to lose everything at once, now I don’t gain weight even when I eat continuously. My basic stamina also became better. I exercise everyday even though I am busy with my schedules. Kim JongKook hyung, Super Junior, Shinee, also goes to the gym that I go to. Their body is already so good. I won’t lose (to them).”

Leaving DSP Media, which they have grown attached to, and walking their own separate ways, SS501 was not written as being ‘disband’. It means that SS501 will continue even when they engage in their own activities. In 2011, besides the 5 members’ solo activities, there is also a possibility of a group album. “When our SS501 schedule gets confirmed, we have the intention to put on hold our solo activities. I hope that we are able to stand together in one place naturally rather than being forced to.”

Park JungMin is planning for an Asia Tour with a target of visiting more than 5 countries. “Park JungMin will be winning over SS501 soon, but through my solo album activities, I want to let the public know who is Park JungMin. My aim for 2011 is to become ‘a guy you would like to hug’. (laughs) Now that I get older (He is born in 1987, 25 years old), I want to release a sense of masculine beauty.”

Park JungMin also plans to take up the challenge of acting through taking part in a trendy drama in Taiwan and through Korean drama.

Credit: 이언혁 leeuh@newsen.com / 안성후 jumpingsh@newsen.com + planethyun@blogspot
English Translation: xiaochu @ Quainte501.com
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