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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

News] 110109 Heo YoungSaeng Kim KyuJong hope to venture into big screen

[News][2011.01.09] Heo YoungSaeng Kim KyuJong hope to venture into big screen

This winter 'hallyu' wind continues to blow, SS501 2 members Heo YoungSaeng, Kim KyuJong visited Hong Kong. The most expensive ticket for tonight's fan meeting fetch up till HK$980, but it doesn't reduce the passion from fans to snatch for tickets. SS501 members has separately signed on to different management agencies and continue their development, but they still keep in contact with each others. Kim KyuJong think that it is not really difficult, and do not deny that when the 5 of them were together it was more lively. Heo YoungSaeng think that it is like going back as a new comer, but has confidence to adapt to it. Both of them had expressed that other than the singing career, they also hope to venture into acting, Kim KyuJong mentioned that he most admired Jacky Chan and Andy Lau.

Visiting Hong Kong once again, YoungSaeng revealed, previous time he had visited Lan Kwai Fung, but because there were too crowded, so just stayed for a short period and left, so he hope that he could visit there again for this trip. He also mentioned that his threshold for drinking is normal but he has no problem drinking 2 cans of beer. Ask whether in future whether both of them will group together as a group? KyuJong said: "Actually both of us have our individual plan, I wish to venture into acting, but will not neglect my singing career." YoungSaeng will be releasing his solo album next month, after that he wish to act, and also wish to expand to the big China region market. YoungSaeng has once stayed in Japan for few months, he admitted having activities in foreign countries would missing home, other than language barrier, culture difference is also one of the problem.

Both of them talked about each others good points, YoungSaeng praised KyuJong for being easy-going, also was the middle man among SS501 members, KyuJong pointed out that YoungSaeng is very considerate towards others, and very willing to listen to others voice.

Top Left caption: Heo YoungSaeng (right) and Kim KyuJong (left) still keep in contact with other members
Bottom right caption: Kim KyuJong admires Andy Lau & Jacky Chan.
Botton left caption: 2 'million lovers'

Credit: Newspaper Scan): ELF_Asia Facebook
English translation: PlanetHyun.blogspot.com
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