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Sunday, January 9, 2011

[News] 110103 Jung Min breaks through his shelter and stands on his own feet

■Year of rabbit is my year!
Park Jungmin who releases his first solo album

"My tiger-fate* this year is pretty good. I broke into laughter though. I'm not one who believes much in such tiger-fate* or tarots, even if it may be something positive".

2011 being the year of the Hare belongs to him. He who is born in 1987 has the zodiac of a Hare, which brings about huge anticipation along with him too. Beginning since last year end he's already been slowly moving his way. He published his pictorial 'Present' in Japan and even had fansigns and fanmeetings as he made known the start of his solo activities. His first solo album will be released on the upcoming 20th. The amount of matters he has to do within this year is so densely written on his schedule planner. Group SS501's Park Jungmin (24) is on his way to preview you with his soon-to-be active activities as the first solo Hare star.

▶New album too abruptly decided last year end
With a damage of about 15K, re-recording was done
Showcase tickets were sold out in just mere 14 minutes

"Will be doing my album activities in Korea in January. From mid-February onwards has been decided to carry out overseas tours in Japan and Taiwan, Philippines, Thailand. In April, I'll be shooting my drama in Taiwan. Though I will also be making my visit back to Korea for fanmeetings or birthday-wise, it seems like I'll be spending about 3 months for drama shooting over there. Also in May, my album will be released in Japan. After this, it's also expected that my album activities will be started in the greater china regions too. In the latter half of the year I'll return to Korea again and prepare for album release and new drama".

There's no sight of a pause. He calls himself as a 'lazy person', but it just looks like the year of 2011 is not a year for him to enjoy that laziness. His group SS501 that acted as his shelter has had guarded by him for the past 5 years, and won't be his shelter now, which is why he has to further self-motivate himself even more.

"I didn't want it at first ya. Probably I didn't know that I wanted to just enjoy within the group. But for the sake of each of our developments, we chose different individual paths. And to me, if I could consider this to be the momentum of my development, it'll be really good. I could just really enjoy life though but now it seems like 'standing on your own feet' has turned into the momentum to break that comfortable edge already".

Could it be that reason why he does not want to release a sloppish album. It was decided that his first solo album will be released in the form of a digital single where preparations for it was carried out since last November; however, it was inevitably delayed to February because of the 'Yeonpyeong-do Incident'. Because of this, in order to make up for the insufficiency, he wanted to take in more songs, so he thought of changing it to a mini album or an official album form. The 15K album pieces that were already printed have all gone to waste, they have all gone into the drain.

"We were rushing out the preparations and all that so there were many areas that lacked. Time was so short and schedule couldn't make way for that. Anyway this just turned out to start all over again. I'm the first in SS501 to release a solo album isn't it. For sure I'll feel responsibility and stress. After putting all the previous effort into the drain, we did re-recording and did re-mastering, and also re-edited the music video. It's good to even expect from these".

His album participation level is high. From the album concept to the music video idea, he's tended to it all inside and out. Even as a lyrics composer.

"I beared in mind all the time about being frank and candid (in the lyrics). I do enjoy and like it as I listen to the song with addictive lyrics that I fill in for, but I also want to create a song with a message to deliver. Title song 'Not Alone' is about a story of being estranged. Rather than having the fame, I want to show to my fans about much of my having matured up to this stage. To aptly add some flavor of the mainstream group to some non-mainstream music".

Response to his first activity is as feverish. His first showcase cum fanmeeting that will take place on the upcoming 22nd was sold out in just mere 14 minutes since its opening of tickets sales.

"Beginning this year onwards until my 30 years old, I will execute matters firmly and steadily as it is. I'm having lotsa luck coming onto my shoulders now, and so I will continue to sprint with all my might. This year is truly one year that I'm really anticipating after".

▶Personal Hopes

"Hope to move though. My contract with the house will be up this coming February so I will have to move house then. I'm thinking if I should move to a comfortable place. I realized that there are many people who prefers to live in the outer circle of the city rather than in the city. I want to give my mother who retired just last year end a small store. She does cooking very well so she's thinking of doing a small eatery business, or even a cafe or something like that. Whatever it may be, I just hope for it to be a healthy year for all my family members. And also for me Park Jungmin, I want to go closer to my fans and let more people know about me if they haven't already. All these while I've been trapped within the group too much, there is a limit to how it limits me ne. I hope for it to be a year where I could feel proud for and of".

Ode's note: *tiger-fate is making use of your place of birth, geography of birth, time of birth -- year/month/day/min/second etc etc to predict your fortune. you know that kind...

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