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Thursday, December 9, 2010

[Twitter] 101202 Boys tweet update

2010-12-02 @ 11:31pm
@Steven_Lee_ Thank you.. 노래 대박이라며 영생이형과 그랬던기억이 엊그제같은데 ㅎㅎ 시간빠르죠 형~~~!!^^
@Steven_Lee_ Thank you.. Song is a big success and the memories of doing that with YoungSaeng hyung seems like it was just yesterday heehee Time flies fast isn't it, hyung~~~!!^^

2010-12-02 @ 10:45pm
@2kjdream 산책좋지~~ㅋㅋ 강민이랑 같이 음료중ㅋㅋ
@2kjdream Strolling is good~~keke I am currently drinking with KangMin keke

2010-12-02 @ 10:04pm
@HyungJun87 오늘은 캡틴박으로 ㅋㅋ
@HyungJun87 Today is to Captain Park keke

2010-12-02 @ 9:53pm
뮤지컬은 즐겁다.
Musical is enjoyable

2010-12-02 @ 9:36pm
아 시원하다~~~ 여유롭게 ~~ 너그럽게~~ 감사하며 !!! 이히 산책하는데 정말 기분이좋네요!!!^^ http://yfrog.com/dynioj
Ah cooling~~~ relaxing ~~ freely~~ appreciating !!! Eehee I am taking a stroll and it feels good!!!^^ http://yfrog.com/dynioj

2010-12-02 @ 9:27pm
應該是 你們 不是間對不起
Should be 'you all'. not 'middle', sorry

2010-12-02 @ 8:46pm
Today (I am) studying Chinese dilligently too, you all study Korean dilligently too, good night
*He typed 'you all' wrongly

2010-12-02 @ 2:11pm
@soulfulhan wuss up man!!! ^^ 형 티저 멋진걸요!!!!! 예압!!!!!
@soulfulhan wuss up man!!! ^^ Hyung's teaser is cool!!!!! yeaap!!!!!

2010-12-02 @ 2:03pm
Finally HAN(한)'s M/V (TEASER) CAME OUT!!!!!!!! Let' s check it out!!!!!!!! Retweet GO GO http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c6oTIHxxDvA

2010-12-02 @ 1:45pm
@kkangjii 뭔가오랜만이지.. !! ㅎ ^^ 바빠두 힘내세요! 즐기는사람이 짱이야!! ㅎ 시간날때 아이스크림 먹자아아!!~ 화이팅!!
@kkangjii Well it has been a long time.. !! hee ^^ Keep it up even though you're busy! A person who is enjoying is the best!! hee Let's go eat ice-cream when you have time to spare!!~ Hwaiting!!

2010-12-02 @ 12:18pm
RT @HyungJun87: 오늘 좋은일 함께한 100인 이사회 선배님들 , 수고하셨습니다. 오늘 8시 뮤지컬 "카페인" 보러오시는분들 선착순 30분께 사랑의떡을 쏩니다! 헤헤헤 함께합시다!
RT @HyungJun87: 100-man board director seniors together for a good cause today, you've worked hard. For the people who are coming to watch musical 'cafe in' at 8pm today, I am treating 30 of you to love's rice cake on first come first serve basis! hyehyehye Let's do it together!

2010-12-02 @ 12:17am
@HyungJun87 왠지 모르게 짐승돌 느낌이...공연 잘해!!!!ㅠㅡ
@HyungJun87 I don't know why but feels like beastly idol... Have a good performance!!!! ㅠㅡ

2010-12-02 @ 12:05am
오늘 좋은일 함께한 100인 이사회 선배님들 , 수고하셨습니다. 오늘 8시 뮤지컬 "카페인" 보러오시는분들 선착순 30분께 사랑의떡을 쏩니다! 헤헤헤 함께합시다! http://twitpic.com/3c2df7
100-man board director seniors together for a good cause today, you've worked hard. For the people who are coming to watch musical 'cafe in' at 8pm today, I am treating 30 of you to love's rice cake on first come first serve basis! hyehyehye Let's do it together! http://twitpic.com/3c2df7

2010-12-02 @ 8:09am
굿모닝 ~ ^^ 좋은아침
Good Morning ~ ^^ Good morning

2010-12-02 @ 1:27am
@HyungJun87 뿡뿡이닮은 사람이 많구나 ㅋㅋ 성찬이 멸치맨~
@HyungJun87 So there are alot of people who looks like BboongBboong keke SungChan is Anchovy Man

2010-12-02 @ 12:00am
日本は まだ 暖かいですか???? もうすぐ皆さんに 会いに 行きますので、待ててくださいね(^ー^)ノ分かったのかい????
Is it still warm in Japan???? Because I am going to meet you all soon, please wait for me okay? (^ー^)ノ Did you get it????
*English translations by saylalala@quainte501.com

Credits: xiaochu @ Quainte501.com + planethyun@blogspot
Do not re-edit + HOTLINK
Give proper credit when reposting, thanks!

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[Twitter] 101201 SS501 tweet update

2010.12.01 @ 11:49pm
我會努力 你們也學韓文
I will work hard, you learn Korean too

2010.12.01 @ 11:46pm
Keep it up
*XiaoChu: Closer to meaning of 'hwaiting' in Korean

2010.12.01 @ 11:45pm
天氣很冷 你們不要感冒 小心!
Weather is cold, don't catch a cold, be careful!

2010.12.01 @ 10:42pm
@2kjdream 네오빠ㅠㅠ 뭔가오랜만이네요!!? 잘지내죠? 추운데 감기조심하시구요!!ㅠㅠ
@2kjdream Yes oppa ㅠㅠ By the way it has been a long time since we met!!? Are you doing good? It is cold so be careful not to catch a cold!! ㅠㅠ

2010.12.01 @ 10:16pm
@my7chan 뿡뿡뿡 아~ 방귀냄새
@my7chan BboongBboongBboong ah~ Smell of fart

2010.12.01 @ 10:06pm
@HyungJun87 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ이게 어떻게 나랑 아 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 삭제요망
@HyungJun87 kekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekeke How can this look like me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I demand for removal*
*XiaoChu: I think he wants this to be deleted?

2010.12.01 @ 10:04pm
@my7chan 방귀대장 뿡뿡이~ 매칭 200퍼센트 멸치맨 http://twitpic.com/3bw2ie
@my7chan Farting leader BboongBboong~ Matching 200 percent Anchovy Man http://twitpic.com/3bw2ie
*MiniUFO: Hee.... this is the character which Oh Hani put on in 'Naughty Kiss'

2010.12.01 @ 10:01pm
@HyungJun87 커퓌~에 유령이 돼.ㅋㅋ
@HyungJun87 Become a Keopyui~ ghost. keke

2010.12.01 @ 9:55pm
죽음에 마법 단! 한모금에 저주!! 커피에~ 유령이돼~~^^ 라디오 와서 "카페인" 연습하네요~ㅋ 완전 열심히 하는 쭌!!!ㅎㅎ http://c0013563.cdn1.cloudfiles.rackspacecloud.com/x2_397e970 Magic troupe on death! A drop of curse!! Becomes a ghost~ in coffee~~^^ Came to radio (studio) and practised "Cafe in"~ke Totally hard working Jjun!!!heehee http://c0013563.cdn1.cloudfiles.rackspacecloud.com/x2_397e970

2010.12.01 @ 9:53pm
@my7chan 커피의 유령이 돼!!!!버려라!
@my7chan Become a coffee's ghost!!!! Abandon!

2010.12.01 @ 8:08pm
@2kjdream 응 뭉처야지 이제 회사 공사끝나간다 언넝 함 뭉치자구~~~
@2kjdream Uhng, must come together, Now the company official matters ended, let's quickly come together soon~~~

2010.12.01 @ 4:51pm
@2kjdream 잘해썽 ㅋㅋ 규종이 덕분이다 ㅋㅋ 얼굴 보잣!!ㅋㅋ
@2kjdream It went well keke All thanks to KyuJong keke Let's meet!!keke

2010.12.01 @ 4:44pm
@TaewanakaCLuv 형~~ 강의잘하셨어요!?!! 멋쟁이~~~^^
@TaewanakaCLuv Hyung~~ Did the lecture go well!?!! Cool dude~~~^^

2010.12.01 @ 3:21pm
@JungMin0403 뿡~ 내가 최고거든!?
@JungMin0403 Poop~ I am the best alright!?

2010.12.01 @ 2:20pm
@JungMin0403 큭큭 너도 좋은하루보내~~ 예압!! ㅎㅎ
@JungMin0403 kekkek You have a nice day too~~ Yeaap!! heehee

2010.12.01 @ 2:17pm
@HyungJun87 뭐래 !! ㅎㅎㅎ 감기조심해~ 공연잘하고 ㅎㅎ
@HyungJun87 What !! heeheehee Be careful of flu~ Have a good performance heehee

2010.12.01 @ 2:14pm
@HyungJun87 야 박패셔니스타에게 무슨!! 야 어찌됬건 그래도 벗을 때 젤 멋있는건 나인거 알지? 입지조건앞에서 암말도 하지마! 난 나 사랑해! 뮤지컬 힘!
@HyungJun87 Yah What is this to Park Fashionista!! Yah anyway I am the most handsome one when we take it off (clothes?), okay? Don't talk about any location conditions in the first place! I love myself! Strive on for your musical!
*hm.. not too sure if this is right

2010.11.30 @ 2:10pm
@2kjdream 정답은 없지만 너무 오답이면 곤란해~~ㅎㅎ 오늘하루도 배터지게 웃는 날 보내!!!^^ 섹시하게 가슴골키우고!!
@2kjdream Even though there is no correct answer, it is awkward if you have an answer too wrong~~ heehee Have a stomach-bursting laughing day today too!!!^^ Build up sexy chest!!

2010.12.01 @ 2:10pm
@2kjdream 빨리 정답을 찾아!
@2kjdream Quickly find the correct answer!

2010.11.30 @ 2:10pm
@JungMin0403 너도 한참 부족해! 내가 최고지! 김패션이라 부르도록!
@JungMin0403 You are still short of it! I am the best! To be called Kim Fashionista!

2010.11.30 @ 1:44pm
@JungMin0403 컨츄리가 좋은거야!! 인간적이잖아!! 이런 매력없는인간들.. !! 패션에는 정답이없는거야!! ㅎㅎㅎ
@JungMin0403 Country (style/fashion) is good!! It is more humane!! Such an unappealing human being.. !! There is no correct answer in fashion!! heeheehee

2010.11.30 @ 1:40pm
@HyungJun87 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ빵터졌다 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 컨츄리 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ한표!!! 야 규리 그래도 지금 세련찾고있어~난 찾았구 패셔니스타!
@HyungJun87 kekekeke So hilarious kekekeke Country kekekeke 1 vote!!! Yah Gyuri, nevertheless you are looking to be more refined now~ I found it and I am fashionista!

2010.11.30 @ 1:37pm
@2kjdream 규방망이 맞을래? 이제 솔직히 내가 젤 어려보여!!! 다 나 귀엽대~수염도 젤 안나!! 암튼 팬미팅 준비잘해!^^*지켜본다~ㅎㅎ
@2kjdream Kyubat you wanna get beaten up? Frankly speaking I look the youngest now!!! Everyone says I am cute~ I have the least mustache too!! Anyway, prepare well for your fan meeting!^^* I am watching over you~heehee

2010.11.30 @ 1:33pm
@mystyle1103 우잉?! 곧 아저씨되네 베벵~~~ ㅎㅎ
@mystyle1103 Ooing?! You're going to be an uncle soon baebaeng~~~ heehee

2010.11.30 @ 1:26pm
@HyungJun87 에이 요 맨 빠르다 ㅠㅠ !! 다컷네 쭌이~~ 우잉?! ㅎㅎ
@HyungJun87 Aeyi yo man, it's fast TT TT!! All grown up now Jjun~~ Ooing?! heehee

2010.11.30 @ 1:22pm
@JungMin0403 민아 ㅠ 너도 교복입은거봤는데..!! ㅎㅎ 형인줄알았지 큭큭 ㅎ시간 참 빠르다~~~
@JungMin0403 Min-ah TT I also saw you in uniform before..!! heehee I thought you were hyung* kekkek hee Time really flies~~~
*XiaoChu: Meaning Kyu thought JM is someone older than him

2010.11.30 @ 1:22pm
@mastadoo 에이 요 형!!^^ 조심히다녀오세요~~ 연습하고있을게요 ㅎㅎ
@mastadoo Aeyi yo hyung!!^^ Have a safe trip~~ I will be practising heehee

2010.11.30 @ 1:21pm
@2kjdream 엊그제 같은데~ 그치~ 너 교복입었을때 되게 컨츄리했었는데!
@2kjdream It seems like just yesterday~ Isn't it~ When you wore uniform, you look extremely country!
*XiaoChu: I think 'country' meant that he doesn't look fashionable

2010.11.30 @ 1:20pm
@kkangjii 피곤하군요 ! ㅠ 푹 쉬는날도 필요한데 !!~ ^^ 그래도 화이팅팅하세요~~~~
@kkangjii You must be tired ! TT It is necessary to have a day to get a good rest too !!~ ^^ Nevertheless, please hwaiting~~~~

2010.11.30 @ 1:19pm
Hello Everyone! Must work hard today! I am having Mandarin (class)!

2010.11.30 @ 1:17pm
@HyungJun87 이제 곧 벌써 25이다 ㅎㅎ 너 교복입은거 처음 봤는데 ㅠ ㅎㅎ
@HyungJun87 Already going to be 25 soon heehee You were wearing uniform when I first saw you ㅠ heehee

2010.11.30 @ 1:16pm
12월 이다 우잉?! 시간빠르다~~~~^^ 현중이형영생이형 곧 26 이다!! 으악 아저씨다~~ ㅎ 민이랑쭌이랑 나는 아직 25 이군!! ㅎㅎㅎ ^^
It's December ooing?! Time flies~~~~^^ HyunJoong hyung YoungSaeng hyung are 26 (years old) soon!! Euak They're uncles~~ hee Min and Jjun and me are still 25 (years old)!! heeheehee ^^

2010.11.30 @ 12:15pm
@2kjdream 연습열심히 하구있어~!!갔다올께~!!!맛나게 땐스땐쑤~~~
@2kjdream I am practising hard~!! Will go and return safely~!!! Delicious Ddanceddanssu~~~
*XiaoChu: No idea about the last part...
*MiniUFO: I wonder did he meant 'dance'

2010.11.30 @ 11:06am
It's December

=Kyu Jong=
2010.11.30 @ 10:50am
@Steven_Lee_ 우와~~^^ ㅎㅎ 형 빨리뵈요오!! 우리 재미있는시간보내요 ㅎ 아 신난다~~~~~~~~
@Steven_Lee_ Woah~~^^ heehee Hyung, meet up soon!! Let's spend fun time together. hee Ah, excited~~~~~~~~

=Steven Lee=
2010.11.30 @ 5:19pm
@2kjdream 규종아 우리 빨리 봐야지!! ㅋㅋ 여기는 추수감사절이라 나두 햄구워먹구 일주일간 놀았다!! 한국하고 비교할건아니지만 캘리도 이제 쫌 많이추워 ㅠㅠ
@2kjdream KyuJong-ah we should meet soon!! keke It's Thanksgiving day here, I also roasted ham to eat, and played for the whole week!! Not that I want to compare to Korea but it is getting colder here in California too ㅠㅠ

Credit: XiaoChu @ Quainte501.com + planethyun@blogspot
Give proper credit when reposting, thanks!

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Happy Birthday Minho!!!

happy birthday Minho..

hope you are always in a healthy ... happy always ..

successful in your career ...

and will continue to stay together forever with SHINee

Saengil Chukahaeyo my boy^^

always support you and SHINee!!!!

♥ Terima Kasih Kerana Sudi Bace ! Like Yea Kalau Suka ! ♥

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