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Saturday, December 18, 2010

[Twitter] 101217 Boys tweet update

Credits : xiaochu @ Quainte501.com

2010-12-17 @ 5:15pm
@Kevinwoo91 Please .. hyung-nim

2010-12-17 @ 5:13pm]
@90KKB TT TT Ah~ again? Why always call me (into your dream) like this~ I am so sick and tired now... Should I be~ even scarier~? Just wait for tonight puhwahahaha~~~

2010-12-17 @ 3:30pm
Kevin appeared in my dream today. It was really scary. Broke out in cold sweat and woke up from my sleep. euang T T T T
*euang is like a crying sound

2010-12-17 @ 11:56am
We are returning back to Korea soon..^^!! http://yfrog.com/h0e8adj http://yfrog.com/gyngctj
*didnt realise that my Kyu uploaded this pic but didnt tweet it. ^^ http://yfrog.com/h0t1atj Thanks to Liezle.blogspot.com who posted this pic!

2010-12-17 @ 4:42am
@Kevinwoo91 euack!!!!!!!!!! Please

2010-12-17 @ 1:11am
@90KKB Why, you're jealous?!!! kekekekeke Why are you watching our conversation and not sleeping? ^^ I am appearing in hyung's dream!!!

2010-12-17 @ 12:59am
@Kevinwoo91 Don't give a nightmare to hyung-ah

2010-12-17 @ 12:53am
@mystyle1103 Ung~~~~~~keke Finally~~~~keke

2010-12-17 @ 12:46am
@mystyle1103 YoungSaeng-ah, when are you coming?

2010-12-17 @ 12:38am
@mystyle1103 Where are you???

2010-12-17 @ 12:38am
@2kjdream Yah, follow me back~~

2010-12-17 @ 12:38am
@2kjdream Hyung, how are you doing! ke

2010-12-17 @ 12:33am
@mystyle1103 Ooing It's difficult TT Teach me baebaeng~

2010-12-17 @ 12:26am
@jjjjjin2yo You bought iphone??

2010-12-16 @ 12:20am
@HyungJun87 Thanks hyung! Hyung is already a huge success but I wish for even more~~~success for you! keke Sleep tight! While dreaming of me? kekekekeke Sorry TT TT

Credit : xiaochu @ Quainte501.com
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