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Saturday, December 11, 2010

[News] 101205 Waiting for Kim Hyun Joong for 10 Hours, Fans Fainted

[News][2010.12.05] Waiting for Kim Hyun Joong for 10 Hours, Fans Fainted

Kim Hyun Joong became his boss Bae Yong Joon's successor to be TheFaceshop endorser. He was in Malaysia for 2 days to promote TheFaceshop products. He went to Pavilion for fan meeting and autographed for the 1st 210 fans who purchased TheFaceshop products. In addition, 10 lucky fans also have a chance to take photos with him. He was there for 40mins but wasn't able to sign for all the 210 fans. As he was regretful about this, he promised to come to Malaysia again when he hosts concerts in the short future.

There were about 5000 fans who gathered at Pavilion just to see Flower boy Kim Hyun Joong. Some fans even came around 7 am to find a perfect spot. After waiting for nearly 10 hours, they finally got to see him at 5pm. However, because the place was stuffy, some fans had breathing difficulties and fainted. Seeing that the place was overcrowded with fans, Kim Hyun Joong caringly told the screaming fans to remained calm, not to squeeze nor push as safety comes 1st. Thankfully, the fans listened to the idol, and this allowed the successful progression of the fanmeet.

Korea arranged numerous guards to follow KHJ

The Korean side arranged quite a number of guards to protect Kim Hyun Joong on his trip to Malaysia. During the presscon, one of the guards was rather flustered and even used his body to blocked the photographer who was taking photos resulting in a rather unhappy body contact incident. During the fanmeet, one of the fan made used of the autograph session and went and hugged Kim Hyun Joong. Of course the guards immediately went and stopped her, but it was too late. Anyway, so the fan was really excited and happy, walking off with a smile. She because the luckiest person whom the rest envied.

Credits: Malaysia Media SINCHEW + planetyun@blogspot
Translated into english: popiah @LoveKimHyunJoong.com
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