Saturday, November 6, 2010

[News] ung Min participated in mountain climbing event together wtih fans [01.11.2010]

Hanryu star Park Jung Min's popularity has not reduced.

Sports World's organized a Autumn Mountain Climbing Event ‘2010 Beautiful Company – Green Hands’ with popular stars for its 5 year commemoration, it has successfully completed on 30-Oct at CheongGye Mountain area around the outskirts of Seoul. More than 700 mountain climbers had participated in the Autumn Mountain climbing, enjoying the sceneries. Among them, many were fans of SS501 Park Jung Min.

When Park Jung Min went on stage, he received loud cheers from the audience, starting from GwaCheon National Science Museum to the stage. His local fans travelled as far as from Ulsan, Masan and Kimhae, there were also oversea fans from Singapore, Taiwan and others countries.

One Park Jung Min's fans who took leave to participate responded enthusiastically: 'Being able to see Park Jung Min in such close distance, I felt very blissful. Although came from very far place, but the reward was very satisfying. After this I would love Sports World news more.'

Park Jung Min's present to his fans were to take photographs together with them on site, the atmosphere was just like a fan meeting. Park Jung Min smiled and said: 'The weather is really fine, meeting my fans at outdoor, I felt very happy." After coming down from the mountain, he shared Makgeolli (korean rice wine) together with the elders, spending a wonderful moment.

Currently Park Jung Min is preparing his solo album, although he was very busy but he still took time to meet with his fans. Although it was a short period, but it has great influence. The power of hanryu star is really different.


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