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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

[News] News About Hyun Joong violiating Asian Games + Keyeast Clarification [05.11.2010]

Kim Hyunjoong who has signed on a contract with the organization committee to participate in the [16th ASEAN Guangzhou Games] on upcoming 12th November has seemingly violated their contracted rules.

Kim Hyunjoong is expected to sing the official theme song of this sports event [Sunshine Again] along with 3 other famous China singers in front of 10K audiences on this day's opening ceremony.

This was known through a report from Kim Hyunjoong's agency Keyeast on the 3rd. However, it was revealed that news of Kim Hyunjoong's participation be kept a confidential secret in their contract, which thus brought about much surprise.

On the 5th, China's influential news site [Beijing Youth Papers] held an interview with the overall director Chen Wei (transliteral).

Director Chen Wei expressed, "With it now made known that Kim Hyunjoong will be participating in our opening ceremony, it has turned into quite some trouble for us", "Even in China, we are keeping to strict confidentiality of our participating singers. It's hard to comprehend", as he revealed.

He continued to add on, "It is the exact amazement of this all wherein we will reveal the singers for the theme song only on the opening ceremony day itself", "It's really bewildering why news of Kim Hyunjoong's participation gets reported through the Korean media presses first. We signed on to keep this to strict confidentiality though, but now it's been violated, it's so sorry to hear of".

However, Chen Wei showed understanding towards Kim Hyunjoong, "There's about 10K audiences who will turn up at the opening ceremony this time. Since it will be live broadcast on TV, there will be again 10K number of audiences looking at Kim Hyunjoong", "Probably Kim Hyunjoong feels this to be a great honour, so he let it loose first. Will understand towards this point and not pursue it further".

On the other hand, Kim Hyunjoong will leave for Guangzhou on 11th and stand on the opening ceremony stage on 12th.


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This is Keyeast response with regard to the above news in Kim HyunJoong Official Website.

Hello. This is Keyeast.

We are here to deliver the fallacious news reports that were released on news portal sites today regarding Kim Hyunjoong ssi's signed contract terms to stand on the opening ceremony stage of the 16th Guangzhou Asean Games. As pertaining to these reports, we have been receiving many concern phone calls and enquiries from fans, thus we are here to say a piece.

Before the media released reports of Kim Hyunjoong ssi's participation in the 16th Guangzhou ASEAN Games, Keyeast has already received official permission from the organizing committee board. Currently, the organizing committee board has also confirmed this to be untrue content as reported in the articles, to which they expressed regret as well, and we are working together to take further preventive measures.

We ask for all you fans' understanding though we might have posed confusion to all of you through the untrue reports that differs from fact. We will work hard to greet you all with better news in future.

Thank you.



Original Korean Message

안녕하세요. 키이스트입니다.
오늘 보도된 김현중씨의 광저우아시안게임 개막식 계약과 관련한 기사는 사실이 아님을 알려드립니다. 기사와 관련하여 팬 여러분들의 문의와 염려가 많으신 듯 하여 공지를 통해 말씀 드리게 되었습니다.
키 이스트는 제16회 광저우 아시안게임 개막식 참석에 대한 언론 공개 전 조직위원회의 정식 허가를 받아 진행했습니다. 현재 조직위원회 측에서도 사실이 아닌 내용이 기사화된 것에 대해 유감을 표하고 있으며, 함께 후속 조치를 위해 노력중입니다.
사실과 다른 기사를 통해 팬 여러분들께 혼란을 끼쳐 드린 점 양해 부탁 드리며, 앞으로 더 좋은 소식들로 인사드릴 수 있도록 노력하겠습니다.
키이스트 올림



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