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[News] JungMin, First Korean Singer to Appear in Japan’s Biggest Talk Show [12.11.2010]

[News][2010.11.12] SS501 Park JungMin, First Korean Singer to Appear in Japan’s Biggest Talk Show

SS501 Park JungMin will be the first ever Korean singer to appear in Japan’s biggest show, Akashiya Sanma Talk Show.

Park JungMin went to Japan for 2 days 1 night on 9-Nov. The reason for the trip is to attend program ‘Dancing Mackerel Mansion’ to be broadcasted on 23-Nov at 8pm through Japan’s Nihon TV.

‘Dancing Mackerel Mansion’ is hosted by famous Japanese comedian Akashiya Sanma, and has been running for 13 years, a program which ranks 1st in viewership for the same timeslot.

(omitted details of talk show)

Famous Japanese idol SMAP also increased rapidly in fame through this program, the talk show is even being named as the gateway for many singers and actors. Park JungMin will be the very first Hallyu singer being invited as a guest, with eloquent Japanese, the recording went on smoothly.

Agency CNR Media representative said “Even though main host Akashiya Sanma speaks with strong Osaka accent and is difficult to understand, he receives praises from even the program’s producers praising him to be Asia Super Idol, the recording ended off successfully. We are able to feel Park JungMin’s popularity in Japan itself.”

Meanwhile, Park JungMin will return on 10-Nov, and is working on the last stages of album production, album release will be on 27-Nov and is preparing for the commemoration showcase & fan meeting.


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