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Saturday, November 27, 2010

[News] HyunJoong: SS501 did not disband [17.11.2010]

SS501's leader Kim Hyun-joong asserted that "SS501 did not disband".

Recently in a paper interview conducted with us (Daily sports), Kim Hyun-joong explained that [There were talks where 'SS501 had already disbanded' since our members were moving into various different agencies back then, but in fact it wasn't true at all], [At that time we have already concluded firm talks about all of us to hold activities as a group together, which was how we were able to move to different agencies].

[At then we just ended our full-time contract with former agency DSP, there were no agencies that could take in all our members. There were no agencies that could undertake that amount of contract fee for all 5 singers at one go" (not enough $$$), he also added.

As pertaining to future SS501 activity plans, "We'll first do some individual activities including releasing of solo albums, after which we're planning to reunite all our members through public performances (eg; concert)", "We have got to adjust our schedules since all our agencies are different, it may be difficult but we'll still try our very best to adjust it well, nonetheless".

He also flaunted their ever-well intimacy. He says, "I contact the members almost every day. Not long ago, Hyung-jun said during his musical Cafe-in press conference that I didn't respond a reply to his SMS, but it wasn't true", "I had to visit China at that time for the Guangzhou Asian Game Opening Ceremony, his SMS did arrive but I wasn't able to reply to him because of preparations for the event. After the ceremony event ended, I contacted him at once", as he thus clarifies.


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