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Saturday, November 27, 2010

[News] Hyn Joong ~ I wish I look half like Bae YongJun hyung [22.11.2010]

[News][2010.11.22] Kim HyunJoong 'I Wish I Look Half Like Bae YongJun hyung'

'Very happy even though busy.'

Put aside the name of SS501 Kim HyunJoong for awhile. Instead, be reborn again as rookie actor Kim HyunJoong. It is not easy. Leaving DSP Media where he was with for past 5 years to join KeyEast, he had gone through a hard time, getting out of the music stage filled with cheers, he had to adapt to the unfamiliar drama production environment. Therefore Kim HyunJoong cannot relax any moment for the past 5 months. After MBC 'Mischievous Kiss' ended on 21-Oct, he immediately had to film the youtube version, he won the best dresser award in Japan Sky Perfect Awards on 10-Nov. Completing the delayed CF filming, he sang the theme song for Guangzhou Asian Games Opening Ceremony on 12-Nov.

Kim HyunJoong said 'It is good to be busy. Doing things I can do well, things I enjoy doing, I am satisfied to be living like this.' He continued 'Even on my rest days, I go to the practice room/studio and dance. I want to live enthusiastically like an ant.' However he sulked, 'Sometimes I wish that I have the ability of teleportation.' 'Then I will be able to go overseas in a blink of an eye, or go anywhere easily.' He said with a laugh.

I wish I look half like Bae YongJun

There is a huge influence by Bae YongJun hyung on moving agency. People were calling me 'Post Bae YongJun'. I also think positively of it. Must become like that, then I can be someone who can go beyond hyung. I wish I could go half as far as Bae YongJun hyung. Now I am about 1/8? But I guess I resemble Bae YongJun hyung. Not long ago when I went to China, I was being asked if I am Bae YongJun and was requested for autograph. I said I am not but he insisted that I am and told me not to lie. I took off my sunglasses but can't show him so it was frustrating. It is weird if I say 'I am not Bae YongJun, I am Kim HyunJoong' isn't it? In the end, I didn't sign for him so seems like I made Bae YongJun hyung lose 1 fan and I felt uncomfortable about that. I haven't told Bae YongJun hyung about this yet. (laughs)

SS501 Album Will Not Be Released Next Year?

Kim HyunJoong solo album will be released around May next year. In the beginning of next year, he will go to USA and practice choreography/dance, and also to prepare for his album. He has received a few songs but the concept is still a secret. SS501 album will also be released. Members are preparing for their own solo album and we should have a discussion when we have a chance. It was a little difficult when we changed company this year. Even though each of us moved to different agencies and the agreements have already been concluded, it was a problem deciding who should make the announcement first. Because we have to resume responsibility for being scattered around (different agencies). Finally it was me who shouldered (the responsibility). Even though I was mentally prepared for it, it was still difficult. Fans would have been quite hurt, isn't it? However, I think that if I work hard, there will be still fans supporting Kim HyunJoong.

Not Prince, But Wants To Be Rebellious Kid

In 'Boys Over Flowers', I acted as senior high school student and I chose 'Mischievous Kiss' thinking that it would be my last acting as senior high school student. It has nothing to do with viewership ratings. Frankly speaking, I am very satisfied. Above all, it is because people told me that my acting has improved. I gradually developed some know-how in expressions and even gestures. How good can I memorize my lines? Really, if I were to study like this, I would have gone to Seoul University. (laughs) During the period while filming the drama, I can only get about 2-4 hours of sleep in 4 days. I lost too much weight so I ate 4 bowls of rice in a day. Even so, I will still continue to act in the future. It is fun. Even though till now I have only acted in roles who are glamorous, I want to break off this image next time. A down to earth and friendly character will be good. Someone who is like the real Kim HyunJoong...Rebellious guy?


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