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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

[Twitter] Young Saeng & Kyu Jong tweet [06.10.2010]

2010-10-06 @ 5.42pm
Ah~Today I went for a baseball match and was all out (strike out) – - tried walking on a hit by a pitched ball~ TT But even then our team won~ keke

2010-10-06 @ 3.00pm
@2kjdream kekeke yea, always welcome~~!!


2010-10-06 @ 2.56pm
@sek0505….. Always hwaiting heeheehee!! if you ask Mandoo hyung .. hee^^ see you when I go to the practice room~ I will go and play~~

2010-10-06 @ 2.49pm
@2kjdream Aren’t I sexy drenched in prespiration kekekekekekekekekeke

2010-10-06 @ 2.44pm
@sek0505 heehee Did you finish your practice well?^^ It is good to see you being busy heeheehee


2010-10-06 @ 11.59am
@mystyle1103 Don’t see you these days?? Oing~?


2010-10-06 @ 11.48am
@2kjdream Oing??


2010-10-06 @ ??pm
@lastsweep Yo bro hwaiting!!! ^^

2010-10-06 @ 11.43am
@mystyle1103 Ooing?~ The big tend is Oing to JinChul hyung heeehee Baebaeng ~
* No I have no idea what is O Ing, maybe it’s like a random sound..

2010-10-06 @ 11.41am
@kkangjii Kkangji your fist is extremely huge. Wahh heehee
*In reply to Kang JiYoung’s photo http://yfrog.com/1rdoxjj


2010-10-06 @ 11.40am
@jayfrombuttaluv Hyung T Seems like the flu virus is really getting on these days. Let us not lose to the flu virus. I think I’ve been saying ‘Ayoo dying’ repetatively these days.

2010-10-06 @ 11.39am
@mastadoo Hyung^^ Aja Aja Hwaiting for today!!^^

2010-10-06 @ 11.38am
@Steven_Lee_ Hyung^^ Gotta go to USA with KangMin~ hee How’re the days recently?~ I miss you~


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