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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

[Twitter] KJ / JM & HJB tweet [25.09.2010]

=Jung Min=
2010.09.25 @ 8.49pm
다 내꺼내꺼내꺼내꺼내꺼내꺼~!! http://fb.me/EaOakvzE
All of it is mine mine mine mine mine mine~!!
=Jung Min=
2010.09.25 @ 8.49pm
아이고 맛있다!!! http://fb.me/FQChTKFi Aigoo delicious!!! http://fb.me/FQChTKFi
=Jung Min=
2010.09.25 @ 8.48pm
아이돌이니까 눈치보게되더군...-_-+ http://fb.me/Hus1cXrk
Because I'm an idol so I had since became sensitive here and there...-_-+
=Jung Min=
2010.09.25 @ 8.47pm
자연스레 한모금 마셔보지만.... http://fb.me/AtbUqmfC
Though I'm gulping down one mouthful of it....
=Jung Min=
2010.09.25 @ 8.47pm
난 어른이니까 맥주를 시켰어요~! http://fb.me/JEwuwgMW
Since I'm an adult I could drink beer~!
=Jung Min=
2010.09.25 @ 8.46pm
자리 잡았다!!!들어와서 셀카한장~! http://fb.me/HJtJdhDd
Got a seat!!! After getting in I took this one Self-ca~!
=Jung Min=
2010.09.25 @ 8.46pm
오늘은 사람이 너무많아서 대기중!!! http://fb.me/EmhfW28k
There were so many people today so I had to wait like this!!! http://fb.me/EmhfW28k

=Jung Min=
2010.09.25 @ 8.45pm
초록색 폰두 장만했어요~!!!! http://fb.me/F1aEhjAp
Even got myself with a green phone~!!!!
=Jung Min=
2010.09.25 @ 8.45pm
오늘 쌀국슈를 먹으러 갔었답니다~!!같이 드실래요?마? http://fb.me/FIa0y8Eu I went to eat Ssal-guk-syu today~!! Wanna eat together? Ma? http://fb.me/FIa0y8Eu
(Ode: ssal-guk-syu is a type of hard rice noodle in soup)

=Jung Min=
2010.09.25 @ 8.44pm
의자도~와~~~~편안해라~!!!끼아아악 http://fb.me/BZ37s8aq
The chair too~Wa~~~~Very comfortable~!!! Kya-a-a-a-ak
=Jung Min=
2010.09.25 @ 8.43pm
와우~~!! 우리의 로케를 편안하게 해줄 이동화장대를 장만했습니당~!!^0^ 꺄울!! http://fb.me/ATaHyxPY
Wow~!! We have now comfortably furnished our location area with the mobile makeup kit already~!!^o^ Kyaal!!

=Kyu Jong=
2010.09.25 @ 12:34am
주말이네요!! 날씨도 좋고!! 좋은 주말보내세요^^ 영생이형은 어제 농구도 대활약 ㅎㅎㅎ!!!!
It's weekend!! Nice weather!! Have a good weekend^^ Youngsaeng hyung even played basketball really vigorously yesterday hhh!!!!

=Hyung Jun=
2010.09.25 @ 2:25am
잠이 안오네
Can't get to sleep ne


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