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Sunday, October 31, 2010

[Info] 2 Notices on Park Jung Min Japan Official Fanclub [20.10.2010]

[Korea! Pop star file broadcasting detail]

For each artist to release the interview, 「Korea! Pop star file」 will introduce Park Jung Min!!
The content of the the interview includes the releasing of CD and musical 絆ー少年よ大紙を抱け ticket plan!

CS will be releasing TWO 「Korea! Pop star file」
Broadcast date: 9th Nov 2010 (Tue) First broadcast (Will have a re-run)
Broadcast time: 20:03~
※ Broadcasts may be subjected to changes.

For more info please go to ↓↓


[Park Jung Min 1st Fan-meeting Detail]

The fanclub will be having a 2nd application for ’2010 Christmas Special Park Jung Min 1st Japan Fan-meeting’. For those people who did not manage to get a ticket, do not miss this chance to apply for it.

【2nd application period】
11 Nov 2010 (Mon) 12:00 ~ 5th Nov (Fri) 23:59 end
※ Method for the fanclub 2nd application
27th Oct (Wed) 15:00 members can directly pay the fee.
If you are not a member, we wish that you can quickly join.

【Performance summary】
◆ Osaka performance
[Date] 22nd Dec 2010 (Wed)
[Venue] Osaka NHK Hall
※ Please do not contact the venue directly
● 1st round: 13:00 (OPEN) / 14:00 (START)
● 2nd round: 17:30 (OPEN) / 18:30 (START)

◆ Tokyo Performance
[Date] 23rd Dec 2010 (Thur)
[Venue] JCB HALL
※ Please do not contact the venue directly
● 1st round:13:00(OPEN) / 14:00 (START)
● 2nd round:18:00 (OPEN) / 19:00 (START)
○ Contact:0570-064-708

◆ Ticket pricing
¥8,800(All seat/Tax included)
※ Ticket is needed for 3 years old and above
※ For every application, there will be 600 円 of shipping fee (Tax included)
※ The payment fee will be charged separately.

Please wait for the payment time to start if you are using internet payment.


Chinese translation: 将将@JMFC.tw (http://www.jungmintw.com)
English translation: rainaftershine.wordpress.com
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