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Saturday, August 14, 2010

[Photo] Hyun Joong “Playful Kiss” official photo ~ Kissing anticipation?

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2010′s most anticipated MBC Wed-Thurs mini series ‘Playful Kiss’ released its still cut of that ‘playful kiss’.

The shooting for this still cut was shot on 3rd August at a particular studio in Seoul. On this day, almost all main casts like Kim HyunJoong, Jung Somin, Lee Taesung, Yoon Seungah, Hong Yunhwa, Jang Ahyoung, Annyong bada etc were present, but the highlight of the day have got to be that shooting of ‘playful kiss’ which will be shown in latter half of drama. Considering the secrecy of this scene, only the main personnels were allowed to be onlookers in the room on that day.

The K-version of ‘Playful Kiss’ does deep research into the pros and cons from the original J-version and Tw-version, they do not let go of even the slightest detail such as the position their fingers should be placed at in order to keep the closest as possible to the ‘playful kiss’ concept. For instance, the way Kim HyunJoong holds onto Jung Somin’s arms, etc, his natural leading with experience gained from ‘Boys over Flowers’ gave rise to a loving presence of his character, which at once, warmed the atmosphere in the studio.

On the other hand, on this day’s secrecy shoot, both of them were told to show the feel of to-kiss and not-to-kiss. A personnel who was onlooking by on this day told them to do it “a little more!” which caused bursts of laughters. Jung Somin, who still calls HyunJoong by sunbae-nim, expressed with her burst-through beauty smile, “I’ve been reading the original manga often, and is now submerged in Hani. Right now, I’m living as Hani, so my kiss scenes are definitely the portrayal of Hani who loves Seungjo single-heartedly”, giving icing explanation to her role.

MBC mini Wed-thurs series ‘Playful kiss’ which has been receiving high attention domestically and internationally from the moment it was decided for adaption to casting, is now in midst of official shooting. This MBC mini series which revolves around the candy-sweet homemate romance of both protagonists will be aired on September 1 at 9.55PM.


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