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Monday, July 5, 2010

My new crush ~~~ U-KISS

my new crush --- U-KISS

before I just heard the their song only ... maybe because they look like kids ... so I don't really like them

but now they are grownup... look more handsome... MAN!!!

see them at Malaysia's fan meeting on 19.06.2010 ...
arhhh I don't know what to say

their so cute ...
handsome ... all they have .... What should I do??

it's really fun and I really enjoy that time (Malaysia Fan Meeting)!

they are very friendly ...
I was shaking hands with Eli and Soo Hyun also

arrhhhh soooo happy ^ ^

at this time I still see the times when their actions on stage .. their faces, they smile and still feel the warmth hands of Eli and Soo Hyun... I'm crazy~~~crazy now!!!!

hopefully that they will fulfill their promise to hold concerts here ^_^

arhhh please help me... I don't want to cheating to my love "SS501" ~~~ but my heart is hard to control XD!! kekeke...

don't worry SS501 still in first place in my heart.... kekeke


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