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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

[Magazine] Jung Min ~ Inkigayo Monthly Magazine July 2010 issue

Looking for Ideal Type

Please facinate me with pink-colored lips!

S.C Park – Sexy Charisma Park(SS501)

I like a girl with fair collar bones. Well, it means, gentle shoulder lines?
Eyes.. like big deer eyes with double-edged eyelids are preferred.
Long, brown and straight hair gives much better impression than permed hair.
and, Red-color crayon is used for lips(there’s no pink one!) in this sketch,
but I LOVE pink-colored lips so much.

about her personality.. how about getting each other by conversation?
I’d like to meet a good listener with a sincere attitude like nodding.
My ideal type would give… very natural feeling without affectation.

The Scent of Star


I don’t use fragrances. Isn’t it better to feel natual scents from the person him/herself than artificial ones?
It makes me a little uncomfortable – not to smell the person as perfumes interrupt.
(but) If my girlfriend wears a fragrance, delicate rose-scent will be welcomed.


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