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Monday, June 14, 2010

[Photo][English Translation] SS501 official photos @ KBS Radio Cool FM [08.06.10]

like ninja keke... but still cute

Holding the pineapple juice and said

“Do you want?”

very friendly Jung Min ssi ~

In the room live Hyun Joong ssi ~

Kim Kyu Jong with a lots of perception lives in Seongsu-dong

Although is sad!

Hyun Joong ssi ~ make sure you keep your promise to come to the square for 10 times

And to be staff, until the end of August ~!

Also promise to be Double DJ three times ~!!

I’m tight!!

Young Saeng and Kyu Jong where you both want to go hah?

My lovely ~ KyuJong ^^

Are you trying to take pictures,

Doing V for cute, and stop for a while (?) ~

Good Kyu Jong ssi ~

Thanks for your love

Jung-min, what are you doing? don't touch touch hah! keke

All the members went out

What are you doing?

Is a thing which maybe, message leaves to us the DJ ?

Maybe ,,,,,, si, his phone number ?????

What are you… Writing so long?

I fully expect,

^ ^;

Oh, come to the square, leaving a message in the sense of volume, !!

Nevertheless, Jung Min ssi is awesome!!!


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