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Monday, June 21, 2010

[News] ‘Newton X-concert’ SS501 “recently had a tough day but …” Tears Spouting

Popular Group SS501 and 501 fans with tears.

‘The X concert’ is a surprise concert corner in tvN new concept music show ‘Newton’, on the 13th, SS501 is a second time honor had a mini concert with 501 fans in Times Square Yeongdeungpo.

The very first time from tvN ‘newton’ sides, arrange for fans to enjoy video conferencing and media of SS501 important contents to 501 fans, at the end of 20 minutes worth of video for the fans has emerged as a surprise to be actual appearance of SS501.

In an unexpected position of SS501 scene, fans shouting and applauding as the explosion went red hot. For SS501 responded to the fans in attendance, they started with ‘Everything’ which was introduced in their first days of Stage debut, and sing 8 songs next .

During singing climb to the overwhelmed feelings, SS501 shed the tears where not to be able to do “Although recently the group puts out a lot of the thing, however, in spite of this, a lot of fans send us some hot love is so grateful” and “With overseas activity etc. cannot spend much time at home as always feel sorry”

Also many fans cry together to SS501 tears, to cheer, and spent a valuable time rooting for the back door.

SS501 finished the concert in about two hours also expressing their gratitude ”Through ‘Newton’ the fans could have a concert with a warm heart. The event will be unforgettable in life.”

‘Newton’ in meantime is broadcast on 21st 7:00 p.m. (Other omitted)


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