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Sunday, June 27, 2010

[News] Hyun Joong won 2nd place as Male Idol whom you wants to view World Cup together

The largest movie site Max Movie (www.maxmovie.com) has conducted a survey “As for the man and woman idol singer, who so you want to view World Cup together?” on June 22-23.

In man idol singer where in blind poll had question total 3,127 netizen is confirmed participated. In the survey results, 2PM Nichkhun receive overwhelming support from netizens of 44.7% (1,399 people), was voted top male idol #1 on the World Cup who you want to watch together.

SS501 Kim Hyun Joong is no. 2 with 21.7% (680 people), CN Blue Jung Yonghwa with 2.1% (378 people) was ranked as the third place. After is 2AM 임슬옹 with 10.8% (337 people), fifth place is Big Bang G-Dragon with 6.1% (191 people), SHINee Taemin is the 6th with 4.5% (142 people), respectively.

(Female idol part omitted)


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