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Thursday, June 17, 2010

[Megazine] Hyun Joong @ Korean magazine “High Cut” ~ Special LOVE DAY, Cartier

Special LOVE DAY, Cartier

Last June 3, confusion was fashion to the Cartier Maison which was located in Seoul Chongdam Dong region. South Korean top stars like Kim Hyun Joong, You know Yunho, Son Ye-jin, Ji Jin-hee etc were featuring to the Cartier opening event. Stars ‘LOVE’ being in was a special day, it was a wonderful moment to catch on.

Photographed by Journalist KWON HYUK SE, KIM BO RA.

4:50 PM

Kim Hyun-joong who arrived at the event hall first. Prepared the neat black suit and puts on the features which gets off from the van was caught. Polite smile looks toward the numerous news reporters and fans. The Pasha timer which wore to the left side wrist was Cartier watch (Pasha Sea Timer).


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