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Thursday, June 10, 2010

[Info] Jung Min’s store is open to oversea

This info has been post five days ago and sure of you have read it ...

just posting back to you all of which have not yet to read this info


[Info] SS501 Park Jung Min shopping mall “lapin*carrot” series open to oversea delivery[05.06.10]

heehee… actually I need to go back to sleep after posting this good news..

Jung Min’s store is open to oversea …

Why do I know coz the website is redesigned again for multi-language used later on ^^

See the screen shot below …. at the right top corner… there will be 4 languages version… hehe

Are we waiting for this ??? of course… all of us want to be a customer in JungMin’s store…

Not just to help him boost the sale but the products are really good also, right?

Let’s hope the different version will be available soon…

There are several notice from the new website:

First, there is a membership system for the store with 4 grade

Here are the 4 different grade, each with different discount when you spend certain amount of money ^^

Over 1000000 won (around $850 us) is silver membership so on…

Also, the sign up notice: (you need to use window PC to sign up, try using IE)

Special gift event:

Off-line shop direction:


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