Saturday, May 29, 2010

[Video] SS501 @ Ystar news ~ Idol Lotto, really happens? Idol Lotto love best 9 [27.05.2010]

explain and translate by wingwing

The man is distributing Lotto in the entry hall of Dream concert...

First, he miss Hyung Jun ... but see Hyung Jun is a bit curious about what is he distributing

He saw flower boy Hyun Joong...

Will he get the lotto as expected?
Ha, Leader got it with big bow... (but my opinion I don't think he knows what that is ... just got it for politeness..)

So what about between Kyu and Saengie... ???

Kyu received it without noticing what that is... (polite also)

Then, take a look at it curiously but no interest ... (The caption is funny saying : The reaction of receiving the lottery? As soon as getting it ... is a default number lotto...)

How about Young Saeng?

Saengie is so curious and got it without hesitation.. haha.. fighting!

Idol Wave SS501's comeback

So what is their luck on the lottery?

Result: Leader and Saengie is the 1st but Kyu failed (because of the default number? kekeke) ... haha


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