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Friday, May 14, 2010

[News+Photo] Hyung Jun, Why “I’m not a Bad Guy”? (Quiz! Sixth Sense related)

SS501 Kim Hyung Jun has revealed the action after a fight with his girlfriend

When Kim Hyung Jun participating in recording of SBS ‘Quiz! Sixth Sense’, said he would looking for a friend when it happened he was upset with his girlfriend

To start a entertainment activity from young age, when I fought with my girlfriend, would not complaint to friends outside openly.

After the heart was extracted, Kim Hyung Jun would go drinking with friends with the same age to complain. But rather than talk over my girlfriend, my extracted mind just tell me to simply to socialize with friends, showed off the face of a great (real) man.

Broadcast May 16 10:45 a.m..

Some additional information from another news (http://www.unionpress.co.kr) about this:

SS501 Kim Hyung Jun, showed the appearance of a real man.

However, complains was a bit special in Kim Hyung Jun. Drinking to complain but never talked about the story with girlfriend. Kim Hyung Jun said “Hard to loose that with friends” “Leave alone the story of the girlfriend” ’Real Man’ appearance showed and revealed that he is not ’Bad Guy’.

Meanwhile, the ‘Bad Guy’ Kim Hyung Jun cannot fix wrong answer in the related quizs had opened the studio to laughter. And the other cast said “The Idol comes to just only to wanders”, Kim Hyung Jun proudly told the wrong answer to the problem of the lowest difficulty showing even more confused look.


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