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Monday, May 3, 2010

[News] Hyung Jun and U-Kiss Ki Bum Challenge Lyrics and song Composition

Popular boy bands ss501′s Kim Hyung Jun and U-kiss Kim Ki Bum are blood brothers. After activities in different group, they finally joined together. They challenge Lyrics and song Composition using the name “HB”.

“HB” composed and published the song lyric of “Want it” in ss501′s special album of Kim Hyung Jun, Kim Kyu Jong and Heo Young Saeng for the first time.

In SS501 full album which will released in May also included their song. Although there are many singer work as composers in order to broaden the areas of activity. However, members of idol boy bands and brother as a combination of composer activities is very rarely.

Kim Hyung Jun said “Among recent popularity of high composers like brave brothers HB can also recognized by everybody as composers will be good. Although not very mature, but will continue to ask for your expectation.”

Kim Hyung Jun has already shown his own composing for the first time in a radio show running last year, give people a different feelings from other music. While Kim Kyu Jong said the song may be sung by other singers, but on the other side was very meaningfully concerned about if he can appear as a composer.

In one hand, Kim Hyung Jun said: ” SS501 schedule is very tight lately, however, hyung should be carefully monitoring and give assistance with U-kiss activities. Of course, will also take care of U-kiss other members one by one” showing their brotherly love.


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