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Thursday, May 20, 2010

[News] “First of all is the President recovery”… Justice group SS501 (About SS501′s attitude about contract expiration)

“First of all is the President recovery”… Justice group SS501

June transfer opinion after belonging exclusively contract expiration

Representative in the sickbed course of action discussion after being recovered

While dedicated to released a new album on the 28th

“Prior to determining one’s attitude, boss recovery come first”

The beginning of June belonging exclusively contract will go into expiration and all the opinion of dismantling goes in gear. There are various rumor about the group SS501′s transfer opinion. Until the present agency representative which is fighting against a disease is recovered, seems that they will put off a course of action to decide their future is getting attention.

SS501 DSP media representative of the agency Mr. Lee Ho Yeon are being in medical treatment after the surgery to stop the brain hemorrhage in April. Because of the representative’s illness, in fact the company fell into the middle space state. SS501′s exclusive contract ended on June 7. Current members Kim Hyun Joong is captured and contacted by a few large agency to move inside the entertainment industry as captured. Various guesses based on the group’s attitude has been made.

Meanwhile, SS501 concerned about the agency representative which is lying down on the sickbed chose to be loyalty and honor. After Lee representative’s recovered state to some extent, will have direct dialog of one’s attitude over the next move.

This fact was quoted from SS501 members and in-depth conversations with an official recently. The official said on the 19th “So far, anything was not certain and nothing is clear ” and “In addition, first to discuss and consults the future problem with the agency representatives who raised and nurtured them is members’ state of mind.”

In addition, the official said “In several rumors circulating groups as well as over personal moves of the members, hold the considerable burden about it” Members also said their feelings.

According to official announcement on the 28th, SS501 will committ to the new album activities scheduled for the time being and look forward to the president’s recovery is in the position. The representative have been lying in bed for two months has known that set showing signs of recovery.

SS501 in connection with a new album will mount full-scale activities from June 4th. In the earlier time, they will appear in the Dream Concert will be held at Sangam World Cup Stadium on the 22nd.

Representatives of the DSP media group Lee Ho Yeon currently battling with illness is the music industry’s leading producers who are organizing SS501, Kara, Fin.KL, and Sechs Kies.


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