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Friday, May 14, 2010

[Magazine] Hyun Joong “BYEUL” Magazine Dec 2007 vol. 1 and June 2008 vol. 2 + Hyun Joong’s concept of idol

CLOSE Kim Hyun Joong

TO terms of him

HIM Few words

I was having the guts to say a formidable Results

Based firmly. And confidence …

Compromise with the reality …

Looking away and loving..

The handsome man of modesty..

Rivalry and self-development …

His two confessions … (This one I will translate the description because you won’t know the content if not)

# Not yet a state, I’m off. I have lots of very greedy. I Had a lot of selfish thoughts so once my mind is more paramount, I want to have to stop. I have not heard this think about it but it was over again. It’s what you feel especially in these few days. I feel sufficient whether any position given to me when it’s hard to do alone. “‘Oh, I’ll die when I really are paramount’ feel like the climb idea. This is enjoyable. I’ll do my best for anything even extra.” was changed into a state of mind. In fact I’m always lonely, and still do. Because you like me now, people are not going to like 50 years anyway, not going to do that. Maybe not as well. But by then most people would forget about me (laughs)?

# # I just gotta practice a lot which I just gotta work of others that only need a half. The fact is afraid of going to go into broadcasting the fact. I also I could not say a word even went to the first broadcast people to watch TV when I’ve stood by my side only. I was so scared as team representative comes out and just standing alone does not mean everything you did. I should do and wanted something better for the team. I’m working pride. Yet because I’m in my best junior years, working a 7-8 is being seniors, I can look at what we did? I’m really a hoobae, like all the sunbae really help me out, then, I would like to help others when older.


“BYEUL” Magazine June 2008 vol. 2


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