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Thursday, May 13, 2010

[Info] Top 10 beautiful men with beautiful smile

In the entertainment world, there’s always this particular group of handsome guys who belongs to the extrafine and delicate category, their natural disposition comes from within themselves, despite just a mere smile behind that one turn of head, it’s simply enough to mesmerize our souls just like this. In this generation, it’s one where an abundancy of stars is happening in every instance, but most of these stars are just but meteor showers; to have an eternal stellar like them in the entertainment world, it’s really quite too much to ask for. So many years have had passed by, but the number of stellars are just but those few. Which led to us thinking, are they necessary? If we were to say looks & appearances are just but an illusion, then the hardworkingness and eagerness which they possess while doing anything at all is worth learning from, is it not?

Chow Yun Fat (Hong Kong)

Andy Lau (Hong Kong)

Tony Leung (Hong Kong)

Takeshi Kaneshiro (Japan/Taiwan)

Jimmy Lin (Taiwan)

Louis Koo (Hong Kong)

Han Kyung (China/Korea)

Kim Hyun Joong (Korea)

What an exception — Flower boy, and his name, is Kim Hyun Joong. Many mainland people is well aware of him, though it may most probably be due to Boys over Flowers, that Yoon JiHoo who holds a smile prettier than flower. This drama has indeed and certainly expanded his fanbase. This one we’re talking about here is a flower boy who has a smile prettier than beauties yo.

Nicholas Tse (Hong Kong)

Lu Yi (China)


Chinese translation: Hyunbar
English translation: Ode

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