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Monday, May 17, 2010

[Info] SS501 ~ Dream Concert day weather forecast information (+bonus: members born day weather report)

kekekekekekekekekeke…… you know why I want to repost this ….

And you know why these 2 TS will make such a report on weather, right?

YES… our boys are having a close relationship with “RAIN” (Not the Kpop King Rain… haha)

So since Dream Concert maybe the long-waited stage performance of our boys, all of us are very curious about the weather of that day

Guess what??????

“RAIN” really really love our boys… haahahahahahahahahhaha

If you are going, don’t forget your SS501 umbrella ^-^

Dream Concert weather forecast information:


Here is another TS who want to find out the weather of the day our boys were born…

I am curious also… Was it raining on the day they were born?

Answer is only Hyung Jun’s born day was having some rain but not the others…

hehe… so they must be together as five (SS501) to attract “RAIN”? ^^

Here is members born day weather report:


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