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Monday, May 3, 2010

[Info] Hyung Jun honor as professional gamer @ StarCraft

Hehe… we all know Hyung Jun is good at video game and love to play “StarCraft”

So as Hyun Joong…

But baby is more obsessed… keke… so his skills is super good…

I find this info at SS601 that baby is listed and honored as “Professional Gamer” in the game

AS you can see in the image above:

The player list had Hyung Jun as 명예프로 (Professional Gamer)

His Race/Position is Zerg

If you are not familiar with StarCraft, this is some brief info of Zerg from wiki: For more info, click HERE

The Zerg Swarm is a race of fictional insectoids and the overriding antagonists of the StarCraft series.: The Zerg are a collective consciousness of a variety of different races assimilated into the Zerg genome. The backstory for the series describes the original Zerg as small larvae, the “most insignificant lifeform” on their homeworld Zerus. In StarCraft, the Zerg are obsessed with the pursuit of genetic purity, and are the focus of the game’s second episode.

The appearance is like this:


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