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Sunday, May 23, 2010

[Fan account] SS501 ~ A non-TS fans report on Dream Concert

Here is the fan report

Only SS501 part is shared, if you want to see the whole fan report, please go HERE

SS501 surprised me the most this evening because I didn’t initially realise it was them. When they started singing, it was a song that I hadn’t heard before and when I looked at the screen, I could hardly see them because they were wearing all black, but even when I did catch a glimpse, it didn’t look like anyone I knew. I actually thought ZE:A had come out for a second showing. The crowds were so so loud and I can’t believe that they still have so much support after being so slow to release. It wasn’t just their own fans that were screaming either, but every single fan from around the stadium. They sang two ballads, neither of which I recognised and then left the stage. I should say though that it was the best I had ever heard them sing.


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