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Sunday, May 23, 2010

[Fan account] China Triple S’s Postscript about Dream concert

0522 Cloudy Moderate rain

Into the stadium, find Green peas organizations, takes a seat

SS501′s fans staffs began sending supportive items to us, including a SS501 stickers, a light stick and a ballon

Ballon of course is green

Patiently waiting to start. Meanwhile, Korean TS fanclub begin to make several waves and singing popular songs of SS501, including “A song calling for you”, “Waiting”, “U R Man” etc.

Omitted the other fanclub’s description. While almost half-time, Korean fans staffs gave a sign to say “allegedly changed to sing FIND”

Suspected it is because afraid of leaked source, change to sing some old songs. Still waiting and for a sudden the host said in Japanese, “SS501″

so five men appeared, clothing are mainly in black color… don’t need to say more

The first song is “Only one day”… Jung Min (Horse) looked up to the fans zone once onstage. Korean TS were supporting the boys using the supportive method discussed before

But I personally feel the songs reveal sad, 5 person’s expression is not easy … not much to say about singing performance just need to see fancams

After the first song finished, during greeting, Leader said, “Sorry, had intended to sing the main song …”

Then all the TS in fan zone said “Nevermind Nevermind” together.. Hyun Joong suddenly looked up at the fan zone. Some of the fans in fans zone reveal some sentimental and comfort smile

The second song is “Let me be the one”. When the obviously R&B tune begin, fans all went crazy. Because there is no supportive method for the new song, fans just said “SS501…” together until the song ended.. The whole Green pea zone is boiling..

Because I am too far from the stage, even very difficult to see in the big screen. But it is clear to see that Hyung Jun is crying… all five of them are not easy in expression.

Many fans cried along with them. When the song ended, the whole fan zone seems to lose energy. A kind of oppressive atmosphere.

Then fans staff hold up a sign that says ”5 of them cried …”

After a while another sign writing “because feel sorry, so crying …”

In addition, Hyun Joong’s style is very cool, Young Saeng’s style == I pass

The big screen showed Young Saeng the most, following is Hyun Joong, Hyung Jun and Jung Min… Kyu Jong is the least…

But I want to say I like the clothing today ~ ~ DSP really work hard to shape up the style! KARA and RAINBOW ‘s style is also very beautiful! ! ! !


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