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Saturday, May 22, 2010

SS501 is one of the inviting guest @ Korean Business Convention 2010 China “KBS Concert” (+Comment to support info)

Thank you so much wingwing to translate this info ^^

KBS concert is the representative of the South Korea music program in the Republic of Korea beginning from 92. They have been doing in the stage in various attempts to present a variety of works in various genres. All they can do with has led a variety of artists of all ages to create happy hours. Concert in South Korea Business Convention is an important process. The presence singer Chae Yeon, 2PM, SJ, was confirmed. Other artists like f, (x), SS501, 2NE1 also came to the final phase of negotiation.

Time: July 6, 2010 at 19:00 in class 21
Venue: Shenyang Olympic Sports Center
Seats: 40 000
Tickets: Free
Production: South Korea’s KBS radio + television in Liaoning, a co-production
Exhibition: is expected to be China, South Korea on KBS radio station
Sponsor: Chinese and Korean Business Convention Center
Consul General Contractors of South Korea in Shenyang: Liaoning City Government / Republic of Korea

Your mission is here… keke

Go to the official website:


Go to the FAQ section on the top

Just fill out the form and suggest SS501 be the confirmed guest… then… press the grey button to comment

Okay done!! ^_^


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