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[Video+News] Goo Hye Sun says “Hyun Joong is a loyalty Man” [20.04.2010]


‘Stories show 樂’ Goo Hye Sun says “Kim Hyun Joong is a loyalty Man”

Already ceased to great success last year in KBS2 drama ‘Boys Over Flowers’, conversely, actors Goo Hye Sun and F4’s charms were defined comes out enjoyed great popularity.

Aired on the 20th, the lastest episode of KBS 2TV ‘Stories show 樂’ the actor, painter, film director, spread her wings into such areas with no distinguish Goo Hye Sun was appeared.

Goo Hye Sun revealed modest secrets like “Lee Min Ho, Kim Hyun Joong, Kim Bum, Kim Jun, 4 people who is greater” about the Drama ‘Boys Over Flowers’ in the show.

MC asked about the appeal of 4 men. Goo Hye Sun said openly and addressed: “Lee Min Ho is fun and friendly to make many people comfortable”, In addition, about Kim Hyun Joong, “Erratic and full of loyal friends”and “Trying to help without hesitation, and is a friend I could call if I have sometimes to worry about”.

Goo Hye Sun was saying “I am an adult over the age of Kim Bum”, “For Kim Jun, he has a careful and exhaustive nature” she came clean “It’s the same age
I can not hear over yet ” Goo Hye Sun said “I think that my pride,” made you laugh.

I heard about a hidden episode revealed from the broadcast of ’Boys Over Flowers’ of Goo Hye Sun to fall asleep. If they were actually asleep, while filming scenes. Meanwhile, viewers of this broadcast said “positive look like becoming an actor,” Goo Hye Sun was expected stated ambition to move .



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