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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

[Video] Young Saeng & Jung Min Dramatic Situation @ Japan Hallyu card concert

jm: Are you angry?
ys: yes
jm: why are you angry?

ys tried to speak in Japanese, but he couldn’t.

ys: because I can not speak Japanese well!
jm: wow it’s not my problem, right?
ys: hey you…!
jm: call me JungMin!
ys: JungMin …you…
jm: That’s enough. Stop talking.look at me.
I’m thinking to sing a song.
ys: really?
jm: Now, I’ll sing a song only for you.
ys: really? I want to hear a little.
jm: You do? ok.

jm sang a japanese song changing the lyric into Young Saeng’s name.
*song title: 世界で一番君が好き? by Ken Hirai

ys:I felt good!! sooo good!!
jm: really? Do you feel relax now?
ys: Yes, I was so touched!!
jm: ok, then it’s your turn Young Saeng!!
jm: to get along together!! Please sing a song!
Or I’ll get angry!!

ys sang a ZARD song but suddenly forgot the lyric.
jm: thank you so much!!


Translation by Japanese TS friend Pochi
Don't reedit
Please repost with full credit only... kamsahamnida!

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