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Friday, April 23, 2010

[Product+Info] concert goods for “2010 Hallyu Fan Card”

Silver Necklace (only 2824 left)

Price: 6,000 yen (tax included)

Material: 925 silver Length: 41 cm Pendant: 20 mm * 15 mm Made In Korea SS501 has produced an image of angel wings and initials. Between the beautiful wings are Swarovski crystals A serial number inscribed on the back of the necklace limited edition to commemorate the anniversary of the Saitama performance. Product is worn by all members at a concert. ****** Brooch set (Album Collection) (only 455 left) Price: 4,500 yen (tax included

Broach Set Collection album Made In Korea Material: acrylic, polycarbonate (mirror) In a small brooch made of SS501 CD album, comes with a mini mirror. Can be used to put bags and other pieces. The product should be treated as a collection. Brooches case: The front are SS501 logo engraved on copper, the back is a sign of Message of


SS501 Mirror (only 1651 left) Price: 4,500 yen (tax included)

Made In Korea

Material: acrylic, polycarbonate (mirror)

It is the mirror desk. SS501 is a logo in the upper, center is used as a mirror, bottom members lovely smile, and contains the signature. Moreover, Dearimasu logo engraved to commemorate the Saitama Super Arena.


SS501 T-shirt Price: 2,000 yen (tax included)

Material: Cotton
Size: F

SS501 T-shirts have a logo. Logo in the body of crystal had kept. Please looking forward this T-shirt will be wearing by the members in the concert


Bag Charm & Key Ring(2type)

Price: 3,000 yen (tax included)

Made In Korea

Back strap and key holder

“SS” logo was of image.

Material: leather, copper (CU) + zinc (ZN)
Increased product quality and processing the epoxy in the same as pendant necklace.


Felt Bag

Price: 1,000 yen (tax included)


Penstick (687 left)

Price: 1,000 yen (tax included)

Made In Korea


1. You can pick up your product purchase at SS501 concert venue on April 25, 2010
2. Please come to the merchandise booth at the entrance hall of the Arena Saitama Super Arena.
3. After payment, please be sure to exchange goods and bring the printed results page settlement sheet.
4. If unauthorized copying and distribution of settlement results page, and so can be a disadvantage to the Member directly, please note in advance.



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