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Thursday, April 29, 2010

[Poll] Hyun Joong is nominated as the final “World Cup” 32 @ The best male cheerleaders

Step 1: go to the voting website: http://news.nate.com/worldcup2010/dream
Press the white “go” button to advance to next step

Then, you will see the start page like this, press the “start” button to start playing

After loading, you will see the final 32 candidates including Hyun Joong, press next to advance:

When you see the first two candidates, click whoever you choose to advance and eliminate the other

Continue playing until you reach the final 16

Press next to continue playing for the remain

The final 16 you choose before by eliminating the candidates one by one will appear with color
The eliminated candidates will be dimmed
The page will be like the following sample:

Continue the same procedure with final 8 and final 4

Until you reach the final 2 like this sample, press next to continue

Then, of course, for me I choose Hyun Joong as my final world cup best male cheerleaders
Click to choose Hyun Joong ^^

Then, you will see your final result as SS501 Kim Hyun Joong like this page
It will ask if you want to see your romance index figure with Hyun Joong
Press “Next” to continue

On this page, you need to enter your name (or whatever name you want) and your birthday to see your romance index with Hyun Joong
Don’t forget to check the box below or you can’t be advance

After that, you will see your romance index point
Follow is just a sample with my name and hehe… the point I have blacked out … (secret)

Finally Finsihed

If you want to play again, you can click the button to start over ^-^
You can play as many times as you want.

Hyun Joong is at 3rdth place after I have chosen him for several times..

hurry up Triple S... let’s play together and make Hyun Joong “The best male cheerleaders” in the world cup


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