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Sunday, April 11, 2010

[Photo] SS501 give letter to each other

[News] SS501 Park Jung Min in Taiwan to attend concert during his holiday time

Hyun Joong to Young Saeng:

To Young Saeng …

Young Saeng ah have to be patient no matter how hungry

have to have Patience even how painful we feel

because we want to become more progressive people,

We want to become great

よっしや よっしや and Fighting!!

Even we can’t be recognized internationally

We still need to put desperate efforts to become a singer also

if we do so, I believe that wealth and honor will eventually come naturally

Young Saeng to Kyu Jong:

To Kyu Jong

Young Saeng… is me hyung…ke

Hope I will always able to see you as this hardworking and honest person

I love to see we 501 will remain this even after many years!!!

Do not only eat beef donbori, but also try to challenge other things!! Hehehe Fighting!!

Kyu Jong to Jung Min:

To Sexy Park Jung Min

You are the the highest (better) the sexy man in Republic of Korea ~ Min-ah
We have come to Japan, it is hard to learn Japanese,
You still have a good effort to study even in pain after having surgery,
Really very grateful, Yeah we all work together.
No pain now, please be healthy


From “Kyu Jong”

Jung Min to Hyung Jun:

To Hyung Jun

How are you?

I am Jung Min!!

Very grateful to have you as part of SS501 working with desperate efforts~

Then we have to continue to Fighting!!


Later no matter how many difficulty we will encounter

Let’s us overcome them together!!

Hyung. Jun. Jung. Min.

and SS501 Cheer

Jung Min

Hyung Jun to Hyun Joong Hyung:

To Hyun Joong hyung

Often show the look with desperate effort ~ !

SS501 we will always be together

Let’s work hard together

We all five members make every effort to make it perfect ~

Let’s get brighten in Japan!!

ah hahaha ~!!

Hyung Jun in SS501


Credit: parkjungmin.in
English Translation:SS501fighting.wordpress.com
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