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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

[News] SS501, Lee MinJung etc. turn into (Angel) helper for Africa kids

KimHyunJoong, YoonEunhye, Lee Minjung, Hwang Shin-hye, Park In-hwan, Julian etc 20 stars have appeared as backup helpers for the african children.

On the 12th, according to what UNICEF has said, these stars had shot for a backing-up supporters programme of the Never Alone Campaign for the african children, a star supporter relay was carried out.

Previously on the 8th to 9th where this filming was carried out on, star supporters had put on the tees for supporting, and then carried out the pictorial shoot with subject as “Backing-up and Supporting-Through”. Also, supportive messages left personally by hand for South Korean National Football Team was also done together along with the african children.

Campaign personnel has revealed, “Through this Never Alone campaign where strong powers have been collated together with much efforts, through the star supporters’ help, we’re hoping for this campaign to be known more massively”, “Through Never Alone campaign, we aim to bring happiness for every one in upcoming June, and so noone would be left otherwise”.


Credit: starmt
English Translation: ode
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