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Sunday, April 11, 2010

[News + Photo] Jung Min with TW famous singer Rainie Yang @ Harlem Yu's concert

thanks to wingwing to post and translate this news at her blog!

We all know that our boy Jung Min has came to Taiwan to see Harlem Yu's concert .. finally a photo on the news has come out.. Jung Min looks very handsome dressed like this..I am so crazy lol see him in this photo... it seems I fell in love with him hehehet


Jung Min with Raine Yang

South Korean flower boys idol group “SS501″ member Park Jung Min came to Taiwan to see Harlem Yu’s concert secretly. He said happily: “I like Harlem Yu”. How long will you stay in Taiwan? He said with a smile: “Secret !”


Credit: apple daily Taiwan
English Translation:SS501fighting.wordpress.com
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