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Monday, April 12, 2010

[News] Kim Hyun Joong acts macho, SS501 ain’t going to disband [08.04.10]

Ever since DongBangShinGi members went solo one by one, another male idol group SS501 is also facing this trouble? SS501’s leader Kim HyunJoong has left a message on the official homepage on 1st April saying that he’d be heading to Spain for further studies, this statement of his then caused a heck amidst the fandom circle.

Fortunately his agency has came out to reveal the truth, this was actually but an april fool day joke that SS501 has made, the korean agency company has said, KimHyunJoong will indeed be going to Spain, but it isn’t for further studies, it is for a photoshoot, will be staying there for a week, hoping to display the hardly seen macho side of HyunJoong with the aid of a different unique style of a different country.

SS501 to quit singing is a lie, because their past 3 years of having conquering Japan would be consisted in this DVD [SS501 Japan Official 1st album] Japan Premium Deluxe Edition, which would be released on 16th, amongst which also includes their innocent looks back then, how they looked like back then when they opened their mouths to sing Japanese songs, also comes with a limited poster with first press.

Details of DVD :

Release date: April 16, 2010
Title: SS501/Japanese 1st official album – taiwan limited 1st press edition

Korea’s top idol group SS501 has been accoladed with accolades like [Japan Golden Album Awards -- Newbie], Oricon charts Number 8 Classic Japanese album!
Inclusive of two songs which held a place in the Top 10 position, [Kokoro], [Distance~ distance with you]!

Taiwan Limited Deluxe Edition: Worldwide Advancement! Hard cover, intricate packaging just like [Rebirth]!
First press limited edition comes with numerous SS501 Limited posters! *also with chinese translated lyrics*



1. LIVE!
2. Distance~ Distance with you
3. 4Chance (Watch Game) (Japanese ver.)
4. Truly Loved Before
6. Again (Japanese ver.)
7. Boundless
8. Butterfly
9. Always and Forever
10. Sunset
11. Kokoro


Credit: udn taiwan
English Translation: Ode
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