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Sunday, April 18, 2010

[News] IDOL battle occurs again [17.04.10]

IDOL battle occurs again.

With Rain and Lee Hyo Ri’s comeback, more people are looking forward to the activities of the solo singers. And compared to them, the group idol’s relative activities has temporarily dropped, but it will soon usher in major group idol as they will be entering into their comeback activities.

Not only the popular group idol, new group idol are also being involved in this battle.

Beginning with U-Kiss on their activities again ‘What’, to popular song ‘Shock’ which gathered popularity within people by Beast. ‘Beast Group’ 2PM will also release their 3rd singles, ‘Don’t stop can’t stop’ on the 22nd and a teaser will be released on the 19th.

Wonder Girls will be releasing an album on 16th May and with Korea as the starting point and release simultaneously worldwide. 2NE1, 4minute will also be having a comeback soon.

Idol group SS501 also specially named the album ‘501Days’ which is similar to their group name will be also release on 1st May which the fans are looking forward to. Super Junior who have great popularity in Asian countries also put in persistent effort in their 4th full album which will also be release in May.

Other than many powerful idol, new group idol is also coming up to the challenge. Idol group Sistar who is yet to debut had already got much concern will be officially debuting in May.

The start of the idol battle who will become the star of the star is worth looking forward to.


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