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Monday, April 19, 2010

[News] Hyun Joong stepping on dirty stuff in Family Outing [18.04.10]

Kim HyunJoong will step on dog shit when he sees Lee Hyori!
On Taiwan Dramaland’s “Family Outing” programme, special guest Kim HyunJoong
overcame his fear for the sea and played games with everyone,
while being clumsy around idol Lee Hyori!
When he went out to pluck vegetables with Lee Hyori, it was originally supposed to be
a very dreamy dating scene, but he was soon found out by Lee Hyori that
he had stepped onto shit.

On the 18th (April) at 7pm, Family Outing starring KimHyunJoong as special guest would
be aired, him as a flower boy would be diving, catching abalone, and even had to carry Park Si-yeon to play games,
even when he took off his tight diving suit, his hairstyle still remained
as dreamy as ever, even when he shook his head for abit, every one gets mesmerized!
Kim HyunJoong has said, he developed a fear for the seas because
of watching shark related movies since young, who knows he would be doing diving and
getting hit on by the tides for the sake of doing programmes,
and even needs to catch those very much disgusting sea cucumbers,
seems like he’d become very much daring in future!

Kim HyunJoong went on programme and met “Nation Fairy” Lee Hyori,
because both of them belonged to the same agency previously,
Kim HyunJoong has always looked up to Lee Hyori as his role model.
Thus Lee Hyori has teased saying she not just raised SS501, but even BigBang too.
Since KimHyunJoong grew with explosive popularity because of Boys over Flowers’
Jihoo sunbae, he exclaimed to Lee Hyori with a famous quote from within the drama,
“I’m Lee Hyori’s reputated fireman”, while quickly changing intention saying
“I really hope to shake off Jihoo sunbae quickly, not in any way similar to my real self!”

Family Outing added in new cast of Park Hae-jin and Park Si-yeon these 2 new hosts
after Park Ye-jin and Lee Cheon-hee stepped out,
and since the original host Daesung (of Bigbang) was in hospital due to some accident,
on this particular episode, BigBang’s another member Seungri came in to replace Daesung,
Seungri initially thought he would be that episode’s main highlight,
who knows he was beaten out by flower boy Kim Hyun Joong’s attendance,
thus host Yoo Jaesuk had commented, Seungri’s suit was very suave-looking,
but the moment he stands beside Kim HyunJoong, it has turned into the uniform of
high school students.


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