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Sunday, April 25, 2010

[Magazine+Translation] Hyung Jun & Kibum Instyle Magazine “Brother to Brother” May issue

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Brother to Brother

‘SS501′ and ‘U-Kiss’ meet? Will become brothers. Because the two members of boy bands have a real blood brothers relationship between the two. Whether to laugh or voice, sleeping position are so much alike the two men. More clearly as the superior idol brother Kim Hyung Jun and Kim Kibum initial public special story.

Little brothers Highlights

Q: Are you two childhood often quarrel?
(Hyung Jun) did not have a particular child quarrel, of course, the two have different views. Yes, because Kibum replaced the license plate, we had fights (laughs).
(Kibum) If starting the Cold War, and sit back in front of the computer (4 computers at home). Then the message dialog box will jump out and say “sorry”, then went back to “I know” and then not angry anymore.

Q: Still remember any episode ?
(Kibum) a little money to save with the usual pocket money for the rainy day in primary school, but one day found the money gone. Do not know in the beginning, and later discovered that brother took it, often go to the game room to play. But now, in turn, my brother always give me the money. Brother is the backbone of our family.

Q: Now you two live together so two people who cook it?
(Kibum) Because two people have different schedules, with virtually no time to eat together. If we eat together, usually I take care of my brother. When he cooked noodles will put 3 liters of water, really can not believe him ah.
(Hyung Jun) I am eaten with gratitude for what Kibum cooked to me , especially fried egg, super-class.

Q: Seems younger brother is to take care of elder brother ?
(Hyung Jun) I was a type of person who has so many different conversation topics, flies a bit loose. And Kibum, will have to listen to me quietly. If at home, sometimes will be confused who is actually the elder brother.

Q: What do you two play at home?
(Hyung Jun) Playingcomputer games at all time, also with lyrics and music written for our music to do some evaluation. Although when playing jokes and nonsense, but when doing things get treated very sincerely.

Q: Can you two talk about each other’s weakness freely?
(Hyung Jun) Not like me, his money conservation awareness is very good. Brother is very unlikely to have weaknesses?
(Kibum) First of all, it strengths is born sooner than me, that is three years advantage, ah. Weaknesses is living in a loose style, even as if not the spirit at home. By the way, there is little strength, handsome cool-looking.

Q: As a brother and younger brother, what were the benefits of that?
(Hyung Jun) It seems to me like the younger brother is better than the elder one, because he is next to me has become very practical support.
(Kibum) because the parents prefer him as a child so is jealous of his brother. 【Here because junique’s logo, seen not clear>. <】 Now and in the lives of two brothers, we can be brothers which can have mutual understanding. Advantage is that if something goes wrong, my brother will be the one who got punished first.

Life As the idol

Q: did not oppose brother wants to be a singer?
(Hyung Jun) first worried. I was the first who had 5 years of practice experience. Students living in the middle of this, there are a lot of difficult things. However Kibum’s will is firm, trying very hard to stick with it, and now have developed their own good.

Q: Have a brother as a singer Sunbae, is he helping a lot?
(Kibum) When first wanted to be the singer, here there got lots of opportunity for a lot of auditions. Now joined the company, and as a “U-Kiss” members of the debut. If there is no brother, I may not be able to this position now.

Q: As a brother idol on the 1st, what is the feeling participate together in shows?
(Hyung Jun) feel very proud of, ah, anyway it is very good. (Laughs) we share the same space, same thing is a force of our own. Looked above the stage at Kibum singing and dancing are very satisfied.

Q: do not have the thinking to release a CD together?
(Kibum) If there is a chance it will definitely be a project album, and then stood together on stage. So now we also have to do some songs that we can sing together.
(Hyung Jun) I think if two of us the music become more mature, then the opportunity will come.

“Because we only encounter, meet prior to the performance, and found that Kibum is wearing the same jacket as me. Family, brothers, is like this connected without words. – Hyung Jun”

The dream which is similar but from different held

Q: What do you two want to be as a child?
(Hyung Jun) as a child very fond of music, naturally want to be a singer.
(Kibum) Because my study was a bit better than brother in high school, want to be a prosecutos. But I really want to do is like my big brother to do music. Although a bit late, but because of the blessing of brother, my dream can become a reality.

Q: What were the dream of you two brothers?
(Hyung Jun) “SS501″ get the big singing award at the end of the year. I also wish to become members of Congress to create the hoped-for happiness society.
(Kibum) First of all, “U-Kiss” can be have more public love is enough. Personally, I have a lots of things like to do with brother together, , starred together, but also to travel together in film Illustrated like this, travel together. (Laughs)

Q: What does Kibum mean to Hyung Jun and what does Hyung Jun mean to Kibum?
(Hyung Jun) another me. Don’t have me then don’t have Kibum’s existence, no Kibum, there would be no me. We will always be together ~ ~
(Kibum) is a protector who give make me more practical. In reality and spiritually, is a big tree which protect me and our family.

Hyung Jun vs. Kibum

Favorite Food: Beef (HJB) vs. Beef (KKB)

Favorite color: White (HJB) vs. Black (KKB)

Ideal type: Working women (HJB) vs. Lovely wife and mother (KKB)

Favorite Music: HipHop (HJB) vs. Kpop (KKB)

Favorite song from each other’s album: Bullied me (HJB) vs. Snow white (KKB) [Kibum got the name wrong =.="]

Favorite number: 7 (HJB) vs. 1 (KKB)

Favorite sport: Swimming (HJB) vs. Basketball (KKB)

how to choose between love and friendship: Love (HJB) vs. Friendship (KKB)

how to release pressure: Video game (HJB) vs. Video game (KKB)

Precious thing No.1: Emergency money (HJB) vs. driver license (KKB)

If you suddenly have 1 billion: Travel (HJB) vs. Donate 50% Invest 50% (KKB)

Marriage plan: 28 years old (HJB) vs. no plan at this moment (KKB)


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