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Monday, April 12, 2010

[Info+Photo] Jung Min 24th birthday event: Live Your Dream ………… gifts from SS601

I did not participate in this event... arrh really regret lol! I am really impressed with their hard work great job SS601 and all Triple S in around the world^^ okay here is the final result of SS601’s gift for him

Jung Min will be happy when receiving this gift ^_^
I was as excited now .. hehehehe


April month is warm and SS501 make you feel better than a warm sunny
Jung Min’s 24th birthday
The 601 also has prepared a birthday event:)

Event planned and prepared by SS601.com

Jung Min 24th birthday event: Live Your Dream …..

The first gift is the inscription of a Bling Bling crystal ;)

Park representatives, Park president, CEO Park
While Jung’s life, the singer’s wealth and the whole thing
Oh, wait another ~
Opened at the end of waiting, Park Jung Min’s online mall
Would you like to celebrate and was prepared in cheer enthusiastically ~

Second gift Jung Min’s Dream of a passionate desire for a heart containing ‘Gold Roses’

As a businessman, not Idol
Beating heart, and every preparation
Jung Min became excited when you open up your mind in order to support the dreams of him
One and only gift
Dream of Jung Min’s not cool for containing the gold Rose’s passion ^ ^

As well as rose petals, leaves, made up 100% 24k Gold
Discoloration, the eternal dream of transformation does not happen, the symbol of eternal passion
Luxury Gold Rose I’ll take care of Jung Min’s dream in Jung Min’s side~

The gift of the 601
Highlights of our 501 members
Not like a gift than any other effort, filled with 100% handmade
I’ll introduce you to a birthday event postcards made ^ ^

Participated in the birthday postcard event of special postcards for Jung Min’s only last for one month ….

Surprising as 601 skilled staff, compelling sense,
filled with sincerity and love for your warm hearts for Jung Min
Many postcards containing plenty of staff that we’ve had to impress.

We will show you how Jung Min’s special postcards that they have been delivered to him ~

Now the group photo in which the SS501 will introduce you to the photo puzzle.

Photo Puzzle Photo of the SS501 MBC Malaysia pictorial collection
All five people a long time, and the warm charm of a laid
We’ve prepared a compelling group photo ~

Finally, the last gift of 601 votes, we’ll reveal a birthday cake:)

Finally, the last gift of 601 votes, we’ll reveal a birthday cake:)

Gold rose so prepared,
a gigantic acrylic mailbox, celebrating postcard,
Photo Puzzle, and a birthday cake wrap at his store was packed.

They have completed a congratulatory message on the card platter with Gift packaging
Was safely delivered last week ^ ^

The inscription on the Crystal within issue of delayed delivery and safely packed off was not broken:)

Can not imagine that neither harmless in the sky
can not imagine we’re in the world, without SS501 Jung Min’s sunshine.

Happy virus spread
Jung Min’s presence alone is happy,
to celebrate the Jung Min’s heart-warming 24th birthday

Always shine
501 days of the sunshine,
Our group will support Jung Min! Forever ~ ♡


Credit: SS601
English Translation:SS501fighting.wordpress.com
Do not Hotlink or reedit
Please repost with full credit.. kamsahamnida!

♥ Terima Kasih Kerana Sudi Bace ! Like Yea Kalau Suka ! ♥

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