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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

[Info] Dream Concert Ticket Purchase Info

*There will be notices being put up in the "Notice" section about our fanclub's seating arrangements, so please check there frequently. (Fanclub seating arrangments, seating area, etc)

- 22-Apr (Thu) at 7pm, tickets can be purchased through G-market.

- Dream concert is now payble at 5,000won per ticket, max of 2 tickets per person.

- Please check the seating area for our fanclub in the notices put up and correctly purchase the right areas during ticketing.

Hope that many fans will go and give your utmost support at Dream Concert!
We will post another notice if there is any more information.

Saw this over in 601..
Earlier this afternoon, i was checking for Kae about the tickets.
Basically, Gmarket is the sponsor, so they sell the tickets for gmarket.
Dream concert has always been a FREE concert, so it's something new about the 5,000won per ticket thingy.
Well, in case u have gmarket account, u can apply the tickets for free
I didnt see that it cost money, but it does says that the money from the ticket sales will be donated to charity, so i guess they're selling the tickets at 5,000won as per the notice posted in 601
Then in the lower portion, they have another 1,000 ground tickets for grabs at 0won, but you'll need to exchange your gstamp to get the ticket. 1 ticket per account. This event starts at 26-Apr.

From my past experience in getting the ticket with gmarket, they dont send to overseas address, so it's best u can get someone who is in Korea to get it for you.


English translation: xiaochu @ Quainte501.com
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