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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

[Fan account] SS501 @ Japan Hallyu card concert contents details and postscript

Thanks to wingwing for sharing the translation with through her blog ^_^


Detailed Fan Account from China TS @ Japan Hallyu card concert

There is a small video shooting them on the bus to the hotel ~ ~ Hyun Joong said that while we say that 501 is a good day ~
However, when 501 ~ or talk about the album, always will think of time extension or delay ha ha ha ~ ~ so this time will also be delayed…
Young Saeng is having super good mood today!!! ~ Sang the famous song of ZARD

Said several times about the delay today so should really be extended up ~
Hyun Joong is the official statement ~ that must prepare better for the album so needed more time to prepare – -
Yeah, I have not written a postscript
But today is very special because of Young Saeng, a good time ^ ^
And Young Saeng’s SOLO is superb !!!!!!!

But it looks like will still release in May ~ ~
Jung Min has been saying all the time “See you all next year”
Hyun Joong said as if it after the album finished promotion will come again to Japan ~
I am sorry my mind really is blank, and they have been staggered between Japanese and Korean, also the translations are not one take ride
I also need to see Young Saeng ~ ha ha ha ha ha
Japanese FAN did not care about the extension issue of the album at all
So I forgot to discuss … always has been submitted into the world of YS today, where ~
But should still be in May ~ ~ ~ but 501 seems impossible

Well I know we all look forward to the second series… I am also ~
And in the encore when the warm atmosphere to announce the 5.01 CB ~ ~
Always thought that was very confident when he says that the
And YS need to come to Japan to attend the activities on 04.29 ^ ^
Therefore, the CB ~ 501 seems to have long been impossible just did not say> <>

Contents details rundown: (Green word is just wingwing feeling)

Purple is the song rundown



Talk time YS once again said that he is bad boy but using Japanese is kind of funny
Ma said ホシゾラ (Hoshizora) was their favorite of his high voice, Young Saeng laugh at him next to him~

Again (Japanese version)

Before, there was a Korean online investigation of the impression of members
In short, the situation turned into YS acted as Ma’s angry girlfriend and Ma need to appease him
Ma: you are angry ?
YS: Of course
Ma: Why are you angry?
Then, the expression of Young Saeng is so cute because he could not go on with the Japanese
Then His expression was like given a glance of Ma and asked him “you ask me like this how can I react?”
But then he said “I do not speak Japanese”
Ma said “it is not my problem ~ Oh Well”
Then Ma begain to sing a love song to YS and asked him to sing also, YS replied “Why?”
Then sing a short paragraph of Japanese song but forgot the lyrics ~ finished the last 5 second with the hum hum sound… so cute

Followed by Hyun Joong acting as Hyung Jun’s girlfriend ~ Ma said that his girlfriend is a good big one ~ Hyun Joong was putting his best effort to act in female voice
Cute ~ at last Hyung Jun tried to kiss over Hyun Joong on the mouth… is too horrid .. seems like they really touched
Hyun Joong was also surprised and said that Hyung Jun is scary repeatedly… [OH... god... is he taking a revenge on last Christmas show...keke]

Two snapshots of the situation:

The next question is who is having the most powerful punch ~

The ranking in Japan is Hyun Joong got the all won situation … then is Ma/Kyu/Saengie/Baby

Hyung Jun already got two ranking at the last position, ah ~
Then they moved to a boxing machine ~ ~ beginning from Hyung Jun who got 107kg ~
Come to YS , I can felt his heart who got a lot of pressure, the results is 128kg ~ ha ha ha ha forgive my fangirl craziness
But Young Saeng looks very MANLY ~ ~ he was also himself to got such a good result Oh ~ sorry ~ next come was Kyu got 108 or 109KG ~ ~ ~ Ma is 128 , finally is Hyun Joong… we all understanding him so don’t need to say the pressure of his heart at the moment ha ha ha ha [Yes... we know him.. his competitive personality...kke]
Results was 129 or 130, said he was he is relieved…. to see the result of horse is normal but YS is so strong give him the pressure is really great ha ha ha ha
Ah Hyung Jun was so poor. I think he could do better only because he was the first one ~ that the machine may not be warm up yet so he kept saying is the the problem of the machine~ [Poor baby... why you always be the last...hehe]

Oh I remember the song rundown but I forgot some a little conversation along so I casually played ~

Finished the first four songs then is the solo part

Kyu Jong solo “WuSS UP”

Hyun Joong solo “Please be nice to me”

Ma solo “淺い夢の果て” in the second Japanese album

Hyung Jun solo the new song in the encore concert “Girl”

Young Saeng solo ZARD famous song but I really can not remember the name please forgive me, but that is a super-famous song ^ ^
The whole venue was Super HIGH ~ ~ and YS was super-HIGH also and has been shouted SAITAMA ~
Then the backdrop animation has been twisted butt shake with Young Saeng also in the twisted butt ~
YS really have been moving in the world of rocker … into the middle of it screaming for a while ~ ~ ~ than to sing rock FIND also screaming
Young Saeng was super cute on those red shoes, black pants and denim jacket a lot of cute patterns
Once again, the way has been said and then waved goodbye ~
I always say the good about YS, please forgive Oh!!!

The slow song in “Boys Over Flowers” OST2 but I really don’t know the song name again >< [should be "Sometime"]
When horse said this is a song of BOF OST, there is a lot of new FAN ~ do not know the song only know “because I’m stupid”


A song calling for you your songs to eternal life was all part of their LALALA FAN sing to you Ha ~ is tired
DEJAVU is the last one. Horse has a good laugh at his watch, said the issue of time to go back to Korea from the SAITAMA is little bit far ha ha ha ha

Ma said tell you all about the final goodbye as this is the last one ~ ~
Only Hyun Joong and Young Saeng using Korean ~
Kyu Jong and Hyung Jun say thank you all from afar
Young Saeng was really like do not intend to speak Japanese. Hyun Joong still squeezed a little bit of his Japanese out
Young Saeng was like in the Budokan, would only said something in the beginning, but would never got a respond each time because really couldn’t understand. Then, he himself would using his laugh to get pass it and then he would not say that again ~

Before Encore there has a video saying bye bye then disappeared… we was like really want to say “Oh God” finished…
The they have gradually come back says got it got it please countdown to last 10 seconds



Like when they were singing SNOW PRINCE , Ma hugged Young Saeng again~
Hyun Joong smiled happily when Young Saeng start coquetry
I also want to see the photos and the video, this time the video are so cute ~

There is also a great benefit. This is also made into a video. The day before the concert, members pick their favorite seat and sign on the signature panel and give it to the audience. YS said ht love the number 17~ someone can tell me what the number ‘s meaning behind? YS seems to have really good love at it and said sitting farther away so he picked this location was 417 ~ c area

Hyun Joong and Kyu Jong have selected 501. Ma selected d 21. Hyung Jun picked the second floor, said there would be the most beautiful girl sitting
At last those fans not only can get the signature but also can sit next to them onstage and follow directions to take photo with them~
YS and KJ’s number had not been taken ~ so need to re-elect. Kyu Jong chose 106 ~ I think is the opposite of 601

Young Saeng then once again hesitating and said he would like to have number 17 and asked if there is area h but the MC said no..

He also murmuring then say that ok let’s get area a ~ ~ Well, but we’ve been waiting a long time .. he is really funny

The benefits really make people crazy. First is that FAN sitting on Hyun Joong’s lap as if his hands hold her head and waist with the photo ~ come next is Kyu Jong only drinking with 2 straw sharing one drink.
For horse is forehead and hands pressed together in prayer watching as the audience like the previous actions that Hyun Joong with Zhaohui Lian [Who's that?]
Hyung Jun was also too over that he hugs the woman from the rear face clinging together, the faces really sticking together~ ~
Young Saeng ~ ~ ~ ~ results ha ha ha ha ha ha do not know why he is just putting his hand on her shoulder
Then the host asked that his response was? Young Saeng feel a little bit embarrassed ha ha ha ha
Young Saeng is really in super good mood ~ ~ and because he can not give benefit to the fan so say sorry to the FAN
But I do not know why the other people’s orders so exaggerated. but Young Saeng’s is FAN ~ Oh Oh ~ They drew their own… Thank you that FAN ~ I’m so happy Ha ha ha

I feel KOREAN fan is really good and great!!
They’re really light up the other by the expense of their own people ~ ~ [mean they sacrifice themself to take photos/videos]
I think to photograph in Japan really is not just having the courage is enough ~ ~ even passing them so fast ^ ^
See a lot of YS Korean website FANs sit in a row!! ~
I do not know if you know the way to do this activity, you need to join the card with annual fee 26,000 yen
I have worked extremely hard to apply for this card but the results is not good…as expected originally had 10 000 places and found out that only 2000 individuals had applied
Become a member can bring two person into the venue which the two sat on the second floor ~ ~ ~ ~ that already make me vomiting blood… it is really expensive to apply for the card
The results today is the second floor really have a better view than the members on the first floor ~ ~ ~ ~ I really keep vomiting blood
Is really a little critical of DSP… They do not do any publicity promotion at all ~ completely ~
But has been doing such very hard to participate and a lot of trouble with it heavy exploitation, but also because of that, they keep squeezing money from the same communitites ~ ~ I know some Japanese TS are very richbut there are also student like me ~
I am sorry to complain about because it is really expensive ~

I don’t know if the camera was broken in the beginning or what… it follow Kyu Jong all the time and shooting him… in the first two songs
Kyu JOng… I also support you ~ but Young Saeng today is so handsome but I totally do not see him really have tears in my eyes> <>

Finally can listen to Young Saeng’s singing during Encore… he always put down his mic when playing with water

Because today they didn’t play water so he sang two full song honestly…

Today they wore one black and one white clothing is really handsome ~ ~ ~
Young Saeng really trim down a lot and thin ^ ^

Hyun Joong also said that once again ready to make good albums so ~ ~ ~
Is a joke again ~ ~ ~ I do not know!! ~
Thank you for the support ~ ~ ~ because there are so few news coming out everytime in Japan so ~ want to say you are all very anxious
Oh I will try my best in the future if there is more activities ~

4.29 will go to see Young Saeng’s activity ~ ~ ~ so after the event will come again and talk ^ ^

So today can listen to ホシゾラ (Hoshizora) and BE a STAR feel very happy ~ however.. couldn’t listen to WASTELAND ~ my favorite ~ hoho

Finally, there is a drawing which member directly give the gifts to you for 100 people ~ doing secretly [Let's wait and see, no matter what... still support ^0^]


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