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Monday, April 12, 2010

[Fan Account] Hyun Joong @ Spain madrid Supermarket outside the soccer stadium

April 11, 2010 – 03:38 p.m.

I am still really nervous, seriously. I saw Hyun Joong and I think it has been the best thing that has happened in my life.

I will tell you how it happened:

First of all, some friends and I arranged to go to the airport to see if we could see by chance to Hyun Joong…

Nothing at all… we arrived at 10 a.m. at the airport and we waited until 3:30 p.m. we were really hungry so we went to downtown to eat something.

While we were eating, we started to look for information on whether anyone from Barcelona knew something new (about HJL) (A friend from Barcelona called me and tell me that he had left the hotel at 8 am) or if somebody had seen him in Madrid, but nothing.

Even with all that, we did not give up and started our tour for Madrid. We started in “Sol”, where we ate, and ended up going to the Real Madrid’s Stadium, the Bernabeu.

It was really lively, something normal to be “The classic” between Real Madrid and Barcelona, although there were still more than three hours to begin the game.

Overall, my friends and I were dead tired and thirsty, so we decided to go shopping in a supermarket that is next to the stadium.

Two of my friends bought at the speed of the light, but my friend (Sara) and I were looking for chips to eat later.

Once we found it, we went to the register to pay so we could continue looking for Hyun Joong. Suddenly, it turns out that while we were waiting in the queue, I got to look at the supermarket’s entrance and suddenly I saw a chubby Asian guy…

I kept thinking “This guy, I remember him from somewhere” and then I turned at one guy that was coming but who turned away. Even though I could recognize him only by his neck and the green coat he was wearing, I made me sure he was wearing sandals.

He was Hyun Joong!!

I couldn’t believe that.. I was in shock, but quickly I reacted and told Sara “Sara, Hyun Joong is here”.

She turned around but in the angle she was, she just could see the manager (de chubby guy) she told me “Are you blind or what? Where do you see Hyun Joong in that old man?”

So I told her “It’s him, it’s him, really girl, he is wearing the same clothes he wore yesterday in Barcelona, and he is wearing the sandals!”

In the end, she realized it was actually him and we took a shopping cart with bottles of water and chips and entered again to the supermarket.

Sara didn’t know what to do, so she stood near the shelf of yogurts, and I was like “Sara?, What the hell are you doing?”.

Hyun Joong stood behind Sara and I was really near him, when suddenly my telephone started ringing! “Horror! Damn time to someone to call me…”

That’s what I would have thought if it had not been for my cell phone tone that is Love Like This of SS501… so you can imagine what happened… as well as the staff who accompanied Hyun Joong as the manager and even Hyun Joong stared at me with a look of surprise.

I died of shame, and looked for my mobile as fast as I could, and turned around getting into a corridor to answer to answer the call.

Then, they continued buying—- saffron!

Sara told me “Girl we have to say something to him, it’s now or never”. So Sara approached Hyun Joong and he stopped, but of course the staff stayed alert if she or I was going to do something, I don’t know.

Sara, with his “innocence” went and said to Hyun Joong in English “Are you Kim Hyun Joong?” he didn’t understand anything, so his eyes were like “I don’t understand what you are saying”, the translator went closer and Sara told him “could you give me an autograph please? (In Spanish) The translator, very nice, told the manager who puts scowling face, but he agrees.

Hyun Joong stretched his hand to take the sheet of paper and a pen, and begins to sign the autograph in the supermarket.

Then, he returned us the pen but I made him a signal that please signed mine too, so despite the manager’s face, Hyun Joong accepted and asked me for the pen again.

I was so happy that I told him “kansanmida” (or how it is written) and he returned it me with a smile.

After that we decided to go to pay and they put right behind us.

The friends who were outside were really shocked when they recognized him and saw that he was behind us, so when Hyun Joong when to wrap the saffron which he had bought, they came and tried to ask for his sign, but the manager said no, but they insisted.

Hyun Joong was hearing, so ignoring what the manager said, he accepted to give them his autograph.

Then we sat down on one staircase in the Bernabeu. Suddenly we saw Hyun Joong was wearing the shirt of Real Madrid for the match.

After that, we decided to let him in calm; we didn’t want that he though that the Madrid fans are some crazy stalkers, so we sat next to one of the towers of the stadium.

We sat there; we were talking about what had just happened when Sara realized that the Staff and the manager were right in front of us. We continued talking and in our business until the manager and the translator got closer to us and started asking things like how we knew Hyun Joong, if we had listened their albums, and how did we know he would be in Spain… all that, he was a super nice man.

He began to joke with us and when we asked him if the four of us could take a pic with Hyun Joong, he told us “no” and started making the movement of the hands of Super Junior, the Sorry Sorry dance… that’s incredible girls!

After talking a while they left, but he come back and asked us for a clinex (handkerchief) It had us in stitches, but the best happened when two of my friends were coming closer to the place we were sat (they went for a walk), so the manager and Hyun Joong pushed them from behind on their shoulders as a joke.

After that, they entered to the stadium to enjoy the match, but before that both smiled at us ^^


Credit: By eCamy@http://siesdestino.com/2010/04/10/kim-hyun-joong-se-porta-bien/
English Translation: kanojokhj@kanojokhj.wordpress.com
Shared by: ss501fighting@wordpress
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