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Friday, April 16, 2010

[Fan Account] Hyun Joong back to Korea from Spain info+Fan account @ Airport translation

This is a fan account of a girl who could see him at the airport, he was wearing sunglasses, he waves and smiled to them

Giiiiirrllllssss I have seen him, he was less then one meter from me biggrin.gif He is so handomse…in fact I went to say good bye today T_T Unfortunately he already left and although it seems that his manager didn’t allow photos, I managed to take some where he was greeting me ;D hehehe… It is something unexplainable, I still can’t believe it…when he was passing by my side I was frozen, I felt my tears coming out and I couldn’t form any words. He entered the hotel where he was staying with 3 guys who were guarding him when all of a sudden I thought No…No, he can’t just leave without me getting at least an autograph or picture of him or at least him greeting me…30 mins must have passed waiting for him downstairs when I saw one of the guys that was with him leaving, so I thought that maybe there was another door and that he was going to go through that….Out of nowhere Isabel appeared (a girl I meet here =D) and she told me he was leaving through the other door with his luggage and we went running until we saw the bus…A little dazed and confused, we decided to go to the airport but before that, we took a picture of the bus and this was when we saw him and he looked at us and smiled (although he was wearing glasses). Then we quickly went to the airport. While we were searching for information on whichever flight to Seoul or any connecting flights, we arrived at T1…15 mins must have passed and he still didn’t come. We were like 4 girls, including myself (my sister, my friend, Isabel and me) Finally we saw the bus he was on and of course his manager and the two girls from the staff went to get the luggage. Soon after this, we saw how oppa didn’t get off and we decided to go outside to greet him, we saw him towards the back of the bus reading, he saw us and pulled the curtain. Oppa was reading and next to him were two more guys and us 4 were just waiting there just in case we could get a picture or autograph. Meanwhile, the staff came and went with their luggage and once they finished getting everything, we all said hi in korean and they responded in korean too and he finally came down and the manager was like No photo….in the end, we followed him until the checking point. It’s true the manager was a little grumpy but oppa was very nice and I slipped up and greeted him and he returned it….it’s really crazy all I have experienced today.


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English translation: justdancenow@soompi Kim Hyun Joong thread
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