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Sunday, March 7, 2010

[News] SS501-Tiara, etc. recommended Love Song topics in “Star Love Compilation Event” [04.03.2010]

Sorry for so long not update.. very busy lately!too many that I missed during several today!

okay here the new! I know it's late.. but what to do I'm very very busy lately!
Really sorry to anyone who came to my blog!! will try to give all the best!


Music specialist sites Monkey 3 disclose all topics of the White Day theme with the theme of love in one’s right-star compilation.

Star of Love Compilation of the Monkey 3 planning a popular service that will collect recordings like SS501, Tiara, Brown Eyed Girls, f(x), Jewelry, coming to bar hear your favorite love song like the usual selectors have captured 30 songs.SS501 ‘Love Like This’, Kim Dong Ryool ”like a child”, Son Ho ‘feel good imagination’ and the selected SS501 said “White Day, you should sing a love song to lovers. The lovely songs grab your lovers intensely.”

Others omitted

Star of Love Compilation Event will continue until the 15th. Participants will progress through the draw of the iRiver Mickey MP3 player, is presented as a gift.


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